"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

The Reality Zone is producing a documentary that explores the murky world of atmospheric geo-engineering, commonly called chemtrails. The title of the program is: What in the World Are They Spraying! and we can tell you with confidence that it will be one of the most important programs you will ever see. There are plenty of dramatic video clips of chemtrails on the Internet, and your innate intelligence tells you that what you see in the sky with your own eyes is not caused by mere vapor trails from jet aircraft, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. All of that is about to change. We are working with two young journalistic film makers, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger who already are far advanced in the development of this incredible story.


24 hours on a mobile phone is equivalent to 1,600 chest x-rays.

24 hours on a mobile phone is equivalent to 1,600 chest x-rays.

Walter Graham, a long time campaigner against wireless connectivity and mobile phone masts, has expressed concern for the health of residents and workers, who he claims, will be exposed to radiation 24 hours a day.

THE installation of Wi-Fi in the centre of Newcastle, England, is "risking the population living in the town", according to a Downpatrick environmentalist.

Planning is already underway for the installation of wireless broadband in the resort town and it is expected to be operational by the end of March.

The aim of installing Wi-Fi from the bus station to the harbour is to enable broadband access to be provided to people using laptops, or mobile phones, from anywhere along the Main Street.

Mr Graham said while it may benefit tourists passing through the town for a day, it will have long term health implications for residents of the area.

"People working full-time in offices will be exposed to this on a daily basis. They will be hit with radiation the same frequency as that produced from a microwave oven."

Mr Graham said research carried out by professor Olle Johansson from Karlolinska Institute in Stockholm revealed how spending 24 hours on a mobile phone is equivalent to 1,600 chest x-rays.

"There is no logical reason for this to be coming into Newcastle.

"You don't need to have Wi-Fi in a town centre. There already is free excess to the internet in the town's library.

"Why would you want your town turned into a microwave oven?" asked Mr Graham.

Caroline Richman, who lives close to Main Street has called on Down Council to delay the implementation of Wi-Fi until the community has been consulted.

The mother of four young children described the fact Newcastle is to become a Wi-Fi hotspot as 'alarming'.

"To notice that suddenly Newcastle is to increase Wi-Fi exposure on the unsuspecting population at a time when internationally, many countries are attempting to reduce exposure, is unbelievable.

"What this proposal means is that every second, every minute, every hour and every day, our community will be zapped by microwave radiation - while research shows that there is no safe level.

"This modern day threat is something you can't see, hear, smell, feel or taste. Children are particularly vulnerable to cellular damage as their nervous systems are still developing.

"I do not want the children of this area blasted with this electromagnetic radiation while they sleep in their beds," the concerned mother said.

Thanks to Gabrielle and the team for another fine season. Looking forward to season 5.
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The heresy of the Greeks offers hope

Greece junk? At 11 per cent, Greece’s deficit is no higher than America’s

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger inverts the perception of Greece as a "junk country" and sees hope in the uprising of ordinary Greeks protesting against the "bailout" of an economy plunged into debt by the tax-evading rich. Greece, he writes, is a microcosm for the developed world, where class war are the words seldom used because they are the truth.

As Britain’s political class pretends that its arranged marriage of Tweedledee to Tweedledum is democracy, the inspiration for the rest of us is Greece. It is hardly surprising that Greece is presented not as a beacon but as a “junk country” getting its comeuppance for its “bloated public sector” and “culture of cutting corners” (the Observer). The heresy of Greece is that the uprising of its ordinary people provides an authentic hope unlike that lavished upon the warlord in the White House.

The crisis that has led to the “rescue” of Greece by the European banks and the International Monetary Fund is the product of a grotesque financial system which itself is in crisis. Greece is a microcosm of a modern class war that is rarely reported as such and is waged with all the urgency of panic among the imperial rich.

the uprising of ordinary Greeks protesting against the "bailout"

What makes Greece different is that within its living memory is invasion, foreign occupation, betrayal by the West, military dictatorship and popular resistance. Ordinary people are not cowed by the corrupt corporatism that dominates the European Union. The right-wing government of Kostas Karamanlis, which preceded the present Pasok (Labour) government of George Papandreou, was described by the French sociologist Jean Ziegler as “a machine for systematic pillaging the country’s resources”.

The machine had infamous friends. The US Federal reserve Board is investigating the role of Goldman Sachs and other American hedge fund operators which gambled on the bankruptcy of Greece as public assets were sold off and its tax-evading rich deposited 360 billion euros in Swiss banks. The largest Greek ship-owners transferred their companies abroad. This haemorrhage of capital continues with the approval of the European central banks and governments.

At 11 per cent, Greece’s deficit is no higher than America’s. However, when the Papandreou government tried to borrow on the international capital market, it was effectively blocked by the American corporate ratings agencies, which “downgraded” Greece to “junk”. These same agencies gave triple-A ratings to billions of dollars in so-called sub-prime mortgage securities and so precipitated the economic collapse in 2008.

What has happened in Greece is theft on an epic, though not unfamiliar scale. In Britain, the “rescue” of banks like Northern Rock and the Royal Bank of Scotland has cost billions of pounds. Thanks to the former prime minister, Gordon Brown, and his passion for the avaricious instincts of the City of London, these gifts of public money were unconditional, and the bankers have continued to pay each other the booty they call bonuses. Under Britain’s political monoculture, they can do as they wish. In the United States, the situation is even more remarkable, reports investigative journalist David DeGraw, “[as the principal Wall Street banks] that destroyed the economy pay zero in taxes and get $33 billion in refunds”.

In Greece, as in America and Britain, the ordinary people have been told they must repay the debts of the rich and powerful who incurred the debts. Jobs, pensions and public services are to be slashed and burned, with privateers in charge. For the European Union and the IMF, the opportunity presents to “change the culture” and dismantle the social welfare of Greece, just as the IMF and the World Bank have “structurally adjusted” (impoverished and controlled) countries across the developing world.

Greece is hated for the same reason Yugoslavia had to be physically destroyed behind a pretence of protecting the people of Kosovo. Most Greeks are employed by the state, and the young and the unions comprise a popular alliance that has not been pacified; the colonels’ tanks on the campus of Athens University remain a political spectre. Such resistance is anathema to Europe’s central bankers and regarded as an obstruction to German capital’s need to capture markets in the aftermath of Germany’s troubled reunification.

In Britain, such has been the 30-year propaganda of an extreme economic theory known first as monetarism then as neo-liberalism, that the new prime minister can, like his predecessor, describe his demands that ordinary people pay the debts of crooks as “fiscally responsible”. The unmentionables are poverty and class. Almost a third of British children remain below the breadline. In working class Kentish Town in London, male life expectancy is 70. Two miles away, in Hampstead, it is 80. When Russia was subjected to similar “shock therapy” in the 1990s, life expectancy nosedived. A record 40 million impoverished Americans are currently receiving food stamps: that is, they cannot afford to feed themselves.

In the developing world, a system of triage imposed by the World Bank and the IMF has long determined whether people live or die. Whenever tariffs and food and fuel subsidies are eliminated by IMF diktat, small farmers know they have been declared expendable. The World Resources Institute estimates that the toll reaches 13-18 million child deaths every year. “This,” wrote the economist Lester C. Thurow, “is neither metaphor nor simile of war, but war itself.”

The same imperial forces have used horrific military weapons against stricken countries whose majorities are children, and approved torture as an instrument of foreign policy. It is a phenomenon of denial that none of these assaults on humanity, in which Britain is actively engaged, was allowed to intrude on the British election.

The people on the streets of Athens do not suffer this malaise. They are clear who the enemy is and they regard themselves as once again under foreign occupation. And once again, they are rising up, with courage. When David Cameron begins to cleave £6 billion from public services in Britain, he will be bargaining that Greece will not happen in Britain. We should prove him wrong
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Hey Wall Street, Naked Short Sell This

This show is titled "Hey Wall Street, Naked Short Sell This!" and is being released on Monday, May 17, 2010. My interview with Dr. Patrick Byrne and co-host, Wall Street whistle blower, Richard Andrew Grove, was recorded on May 07, 2010.

Tonight we have a bit of a change up. I have Wall Street whistle-blower Richard Andrew Grove from Tragedy & Hope Magazine as my co-host, and our guest is Dr. Patrick Byrne. This is yet another powerful Gnostic Media interview - arguably the most powerful - and, if we're all honest with ourselves and fight for the truth rather than greed, it's powerful enough to bring down Wall Street itself. And since the Emperor's New Clothes reveal all that is Wall Street, I thought a fitting title would be "Hey Wall Street, Naked Short Sell This!".

What happens when you take a doctor of philosophy and head of an $800 million dollar company and make him a victim of naked short selling and Wall Street fraud; and put him together with a Wall Street whistle-blower who was on the inside selling the very software used to perpetrate these crimes against humanity? Sit back and hold on because if you thought discussing Wall Street and finance was boring, you're about to have your mind blown wide open. This is it folks. This is how the whole scam works - from top to bottom.

Patrick M. Byrne (born 1962, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States) is the president, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors of Internet retailer Overstock.com. In 1999, Byrne took control of the company, then called D2: Discounts Direct, and changed its name to Overstock. He had previously served shorter terms leading two smaller companies, including one owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
In 2002, Byrne took Overstock.com public. The company has since increased its revenue to over $800 million a year, and it turned an annual profit in 2009.
In 2002, Byrne was named to BusinessWeek’s list of the 25 most influential people in e-Business and Ernst & Young awarded Byrne the "2002 Milestone Award Winner Utah Region."

Beginning in 2005, Byrne become known for his campaign against naked short selling, a practice which he says has been used in violation of securities law to hurt the price of his and other companies' stock. Under his direction, Overstock.com has filed two lawsuits alleging improper acts by Wall Street firms, a hedge fund, and an independent research firm.

As a prerequisite to this interview, it's highly recommended that you go back and listen to episodes 49 and 50 on the Trivium Method with Gene Odening, and episode #62 with Dr. Michael Lobossiere on logical fallacies. The application of the 7 liberal arts is discussed throughout this current interview.
Episodes #49: http://gnosticmedia.podomatic.com/entry/2009-10-25T22_26_49-07_00
#50: http://gnosticmedia.podomatic.com/entry/2009-11-01T23_11_48-08_00
#62: http://gnosticmedia.podomatic.com/entry/2010-01-25T09_41_32-08_00

Also referenced in this episode is my interview #16 with Dr. John Loftus - the former top US Justice Dept. Prosecutor under the Carter and Reagan administrations. In that interview we discuss the US creation of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. http://premium.gnosticmedia.podomatic.com/entry/2009-02-01T23_49_41-08_00

If you would like more information about Dr. Byrnes research on Wall Street and Naked Short Selling, go to http://www.deepcapture.com, and for more information regarding Dr. Byrne, go to http://www.overstock.com


Connecting the Dots, Plane Madness, redux and looking glass weather

Mother Nature revealed its awesome beauty this month as our Big Blue Marble continues to open up in breathtaking fashion. The sight of Eyjafjallajokull coming to life, while beautiful to behold, may set a terrifying trend as volcanoes wake from their slumber and impact our climate in a sudden and system-changing way. Perhaps it is not without meaning that the first significant volcanic eruption to draw people's attention to our rapidly cooling climate took place in IceLand... the harbinger of IceWorld?

April witnessed deluge after deluge of torrential rains bringing flooding, landslides and misery to many in the Americas and China where large cities are underwater. Arctic-cold weather in the least expected places, more frequent earthquakes and hailstorms of unusual ferocity have extended winter in the northern hemisphere into May, raised seabeds and pelted homes with ice.

Dramatic and significant though it was, did the volcanic eruption in Iceland really merit the unprecedented shutdown of European airspace for a week, with knock-on effects across the world? Who made the call, and on what basis? These are important questions to ask because Eyjafjallajokull's wandering ash cloud now apparently holds the near-term fate of international air travel in its plume, so to speak. With cosmic bombardment underway and magma erupting from the oceans' floor, wrangling over the immediate fiscal losses detract from necessary preparations for the approaching ice age.

As always, the stresses and strains in our environment are mirrored back at us in the political and social events of which we play a more immediate role. We will analyse the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Polish government air crash, the political and corporate back-room manipulation of "Tea Party" activism and the psychopaths on Wall Street's engorgement upon humanity through economic terrorism. We'll observe how The Big Brother Surveillance State and naked scanner racketeering expand unchecked, and consider the geopolitical chess moves behind the Kyrgyz and Thai "Red Shirt" revolutions.

And, of course, we couldn't connect the dots in April without acknowledging the high strangeness of the global UFO wave...

Copious amounts of rainfall hit Rio de Janeiro early in the month while Brazil's second largest city experienced the biggest deluge in its history. Around 150 people were swept to their deaths in the initial flooding and soon 200 more were buried when a devastating landslide hit the Morro Bumba slum. Meanwhile a landslide in northern Italy killed 11 when a train was knocked clean off its tracks. A severe cyclone in eastern India that killed at least 140 people also left over 500,000 homeless. Tornado season arrived in the western hemisphere with The Bahamas and then the southeastern US seeing twisters level homes and wreak "utter obliteration" in Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi. Further north Tennessee experienced sudden record-breaking flooding late in the month as storms dumped up to 16 inches of rain over two days, turning highways into rivers and prompting mass evacuations from Nashville. In fact, the scale of the flooding in Nashville is only becoming apparent as we go to press:

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Voting in Britain for war. Take your pick

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes how Edwardian notions of war are again being promoted in western democracies, along with the militarising of history, journalism and parliamentary politics. In Britain, the three main candidiates for prime minister are declared warmakers; and yet popular feeling is very different.

Staring at the vast military history section in the airport shop, I had a choice: the derring-do of psychopaths or scholarly tomes with their illicit devotion to the cult of organised killing. There was nothing I recognised from reporting war. Nothing on the spectacle of children’s limbs hanging in trees and nothing on the burden of shit in your trousers. War is a good read. War is fun. More war please.

The day before I flew out of Australia, 25 April, I sat in a bar beneath the great sails of the Sydney Opera House. It was Anzac Day, the 95th anniversary of the invasion of Ottoman Turkey by Australian and New Zealand troops at the behest of British imperialism. The landing was an incompetent stunt of blood sacrifice conjured by Winston Churchill; yet it is celebrated in Australia as an unofficial national day. The ABC evening news always comes live from the sacred shore at Gallipoli, in Turkey, where this year some 8000 flag-wrapped Antipodeans listened, dewy-eyed, to the Australian governor-general Quentin Bryce, who is the Queen’s viceroy, describe the point of pointless mass killing. It was, she said, all about a “love of nation, of service, of family, the love we give and the love we receive and the love we allow ourselves to receive. [It is a love that] rejoices in the truth, it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And it never fails”.

Of all the attempts at justifying state murder I can recall, this drivel of DIY therapy, clearly aimed at the young, takes the blue riband. Not once did Bryce honour the fallen with the two words that the survivors of 1915 brought home with them: “Never again”. Not once did she refer to a truly heroic anti-conscription campaign, led by women, that stemmed the flow of Australian blood in the first world war, the product not of a gormlessness that “believes all things” but of anger in defence of life.

The next item on the TV news was an Australian government minister, John Faulkner, with the troops in Afghanistan. Bathed in the light of a perfect sunrise, he made the Anzac connection to the illegal invasion of Afghanistan in which, on 13 February last year, Australian soldiers killed five children. No mention was made of them. On cue, this was followed by an item that a war memorial in Sydney had been “defaced by men of Middle Eastern appearance”. More war please.

In the Opera House bar a young man wore campaign medals which were not his. That is the fashion now. Smashing his beer glass on the floor, he stepped over the mess which was cleaned up another young man whom the TV newsreader would say was of Middle Eastern appearance. Once again, war is a fashionable extremism for those suckered by the Edwardian notion that a man needs to prove himself “under fire” in a country whose people he derides as “gooks” or “rag-heads” or simply “scum”. (The current public inquiry in London into the torture and murder of an Iraqi hotel receptionist, Baha Mousa, by British troops has heard that “the attitude held” was that “all Iraqis were scum”).

There is a hitch. In the ninth year of the thoroughly Edwardian invasion of Afghanistan, more than two thirds of the home populations of the invaders want their troops to get out of where they have no right to be. This is true of Australia, the United States, Britain, Canada and Germany. What this says is that, behind the media fa├žade of politicised ritual – such as the parade of military coffins through the English town of Wootton Bassett -- millions of people are trusting their own critical and moral intelligence and ignoring propaganda that has militarised contemporary history, journalism and parliamentary politics – Australia’s Labor prime minister, Kevin Rudd, for instance, describes the military as his country’s “highest calling”.

Here in Britain, the war criminal Tony Blair is anointed by the Guardian’s Polly Toynbee as “the perfect emblem for his people’s own contradictory whims”. No, he was the perfect emblem for a liberal intelligentsia prepared cynically to indulge his crime. That is the unsaid of the British election campaign, along with the fact that 77 per cent of the British people want the troops home. In Iraq, duly forgotten, what has been done is a holocaust. More than a million people are dead and four million have been driven from their homes. Not a single mention has been made of them in the entire campaign. Rather, the news is that Blair is Labour’s “secret weapon”.

All three party leaders are warmongers. Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats leader and darling of former Blair lovers, says that as prime minister he will “participate” in another invasion of a “failed state” provided there is “the right equipment, the right resources”. His one condition is the standard genuflection towards a military now scandalised by a colonial cruelty of which the Baha Mousa case is but one of many.

For Clegg, as for Gordon Brown and David Cameron, the horrific weapons used by British forces, such as clusters, depleted uranium and the Hellfire missile, which sucks the air out of its victims’ lungs, do not exist. The limbs of children in trees do not exist. This year alone Britain will spend £4 billion on the war in Afghanistan, and that is what Brown and Cameron almost certainly intend to cut from the National Health Service.

Edward S Herman explained this genteel extremism in his essay, The Banality of Evil. There is a strict division of labour, ranging from the scientists working in the laboratories of the weapons industry, to the intelligence and “national security” personnel who supply the paranoia and “strategies”, to the politicians who approve them. As for journalists, our task is to censor by omission and make the crime seem normal for you, the public. For it is your understanding and your awakening that are feared, above all.


The third law of thermodynamics..going going gone

For many people, FREE ENERGY is a "buzz word" that has no clear meaning. As such, it relates to a host of inventions that do something that is not understood, and is therefore a mystery. For others, it means "perpetual motion" and is therefore dismissed, without due consideration. This podcast from Irish Side of the moon will clarify exactly what free energy is, how it works and how it can be applied in your everyday life....for light, heat and power.

Peter Andrew Lindeman

Peter Andrew Lindemann was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1951. He grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee and Chicago, and graduated from Whitefish Bay High School in 1969. He entered Iowa State University in the fall of 1969 on an engineering curriculum, but fate interrupted his plans to become a fully trained engineer. In the spring of 1970, two events happened that changed the direction of his life. First, his mother died suddenly on April 24th at the age of 43. One week later, President Nixon invaded Cambodia on May 1st, precipitating the most violent anti-war protests ever seen during the Vietnam War period. Iowa State University campus was closed within two weeks, with all classes and final exams cancelled for the year.

This double upheaval began a period of deep introspection that culminated in a plan to pursue self-directed education from that point on. During a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the summer of 1973, Peter stumbled into the articles authored by Tom Valentine in the National Tattler about Ed Gray's "cold electricity" technology. These articles introduced Peter to the idea of FREE ENERGY and ultimately sparked a life long passion to understand this technology.

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