Words to and from an indigo

Most people tend to live their lives very detached from the “now.” People tend to center themselves in either the past or the future. For example, when you sit and talk with others, what do you talk about? Is it not about things you have seen or done, or perhaps things you plan to do in the future? And even when a person enjoys an occasion, they may perhaps do something like take a photograph, so they can remember the event and discuss it with their friends later - thereby centering themselves in the past. They may plan future events to look forward to, and even during these planned occasions, will spend their time still planning - planning what next to do, or what next to say - thus always centering themselves in the future. There are few who actually center themselves in the now. Yet now is where you are. It is within this Nowness, that all that is the essence of your life, and all that you experience lies. Always be aware of the now.

It is a well known fact in virtually all fields, that all forms of organic life contain electrical energy, and each one has a specific aura of a certain color generated by the energy output of the organism. These auras can be seen by some, and have often been photographed by means of special cameras, surrounding plants animals and people. However, in recent years, a new aural color has emerged among humans. These people are known as the Indigo Children, or simply the Indigo’s which is to say, their auras are a deep blue indigo in color. For those of you who are versed in the spirit or the study of these auras, I will state here at the start that I am a full Indigo, I am now 50 years of age and I was among the first of the cycles of Indigo’s to be born.

Indigo children are said by many to be blessed with an intuitive insight and are usually seen as somewhat different. They are often thought of as wise and clever by their friends and are frequently accused of giving far too much of themselves to others. They are often referred to as guides to the new age on many websites. In their early years, many are seen as problem children, or perhaps a little withdrawn, and may sometimes be ostracized by their peers, but often go on to later become creative artists, musicians, authors, researchers or even teachers. Often they are quiet and withdrawn and though not violent, they can be quite quick and stinging in their rage. Indigo’s have a different perspective in their views and understanding of the world than most people, and are extremely difficult to mold into the designs of society or the controlled robot-like mindset of most workers. To indigo’s, humankind is one, and the rigors and carefully contrived social structure of our now fear driven societies can only serve to divide and isolate people - while devoting ones life to the acquisition and accumulation of wealth and trinkets, usually at the expense of another, is simply meaningless, and also highly detrimental to the soul. Such activities are simply pointless pursuits to an indigo.

I would like to stress also, that it is not my desire through any of this talk, to try and portray myself as any kind of guru or cultist, nor do I claim myself to be any type of Elder or make an attempt at any title or fame. Like most indigo’s, I dislike undue attention and take the hue of my aura for granted. My only desire is to offer information to people and I would never even usually worry about mentioning my aura to others. It’s just not a big deal to me. It just is. And I am simply who I am. However I mention it now for a reason, and that is to help other indigo’s who are awakening and who may be feeling confused at their new found awareness, and also to help alert still others to the truth about the possibilities within themselves, and the truth of the world they reside in. I mention it now because I feel it is necessary to mention it.

Now I know all this may sound a bit strange to you initially, and possibly a little too spiritual or esoteric to some, but it’s important that you clearly understand some things right from the start in order to know how and why certain events are taking place. So please understand the following.

All matter that exists, is simply energy condensed to atoms that are moving at a slow vibration, and all solid matter vibrates at a certain frequency. As all matter consists of energy condensed to atoms, and because atoms are made mostly of empty space, it must be then realized, and clearly understood, that there is no such thing as a true solid. Please also understand that all solids are made of these exact same atomic particles, of which there are around 90 differing kinds, and each one of these differs from the other only in respect that they have differing amounts of protons and electrons revolving around the central neutron, and so they vibrate at different rates. This is a proven and well known scientific fact that most of us learned at school that is right before your eyes. And the rule holds true for all matter in the Universe, including the Earth, our Solar System and of course - Ourselves. This must be clearly understood by all: that be it a rock, or a lump of iron, or a plant, or a piece of plastic, or a human being - all are constructed from exactly the same atomic particles of condensed energy, and the thing that makes each differ from the other, is their frequency, or rate of vibration. This is everything that exists that you can see, touch, hear or smell - It’s all about vibration and more importantly, frequency.

Now. As our solar system travels around the galaxy it moves slowly up and down, like a horse on a carousel, traveling both above and below the plain of the galactic ecliptic as it orbits, and actually crossing the ecliptic once around every 24 thousand years. We are soon to cross that galactic ecliptic, and doing so, affects the Earth, and our entire Solar System, in a variety of ways and for a number of quite tangible and scientifically provable reasons.

As our solar system draws closer to the Galactic Ecliptic, which our Sun is due to cross on Dec 21st 2012, the overall vibration of the Earth is changing in frequency, just as it always does each time we pass the central line of the Ecliptic. This changing in the frequency of the Earth is affecting everything else in turn. The indigo’s first began to appear when our solar system began to first approach the stronger and more dense gravitational field of the ecliptic area around 50 years ago, and due to the gradual and continual rise in Earths frequency that has occurred since then, more and more Indigo’s are being born all the time and it is also causing many non indigo’s to change color. This is because as their own frequency rises in accord with everything else, the more the indigo in each of them grows, and so do their own auras adapt accordingly. The more this happens, the more aware these people become, and this awareness is being helped along by the fact that as each of us interacts with another person, by matter of course, so does our electrical energy and hence we each take on some of the aural characteristics of the other, and as more and more indigo’s interact with others, so then do even more people begin to take on the characteristics of an indigo aura and so the phenomenon also spreads.

Awakening can come in stages, but as new indigo’s awaken, the first thing that many instantly sense, is that all is not well with our world, and it is not because of things like oil shortages, terrorist cells and global warming, as we are being led to believe by the media. A closer look reveals that there is something much larger and far more sinister going on behind the scenes and it is globally pervasive. It is however, often difficult to discover what the real facts are. The power elite who control this world are also very aware of this change in frequency that is occurring across the Earth, and the awakening that is taking place because of it. So they have thrown many red herrings onto the trail to distract and lure people away from the truth and prevent any true global awareness from taking place.

In preparation for it, over the last 50 years the population has been saturated with a huge intertwining web of meaningless conspiracy theories, that could almost all be true, but almost never are. And if someone is to suddenly see the big picture of what is really going on, and seriously tries to alert people to the truth, then the public has been carefully trained to view them as a crackpot, or label them as another “conspiracy theorist.” It has been very cleverly orchestrated so that no one ever discovers the whole truth about anything, or sees the creeping malaise as it slowly spreads. No one ever notices the one hidden agenda, the one real truth that underlies all the others. And if anyone ever does figure it out, they are ridiculed and silenced. But now, due to the growth of the internet, it has become a lot harder to silence people and keep information contained.

When searching for the indigo within yourself remember that one of the most noticeable things that mark’s a true indigo is intuition. There are some who would claim indigo’s to be always of exceptional IQ’s and suggest online IQ tests to determine your standing as one of these so called spiritual elites, but no online test can possibly do such a thing reliably and, to an indigo - there are no spiritual elites, there is only oneness. You must also remember that much has been done, and is still being done, to prevent your awakening and sometimes these IQ tests are done in such a way as to assure you that you are not an indigo, that you have no indigo awakening in you, and that what’s best is for you to return to your position in the flock and to not think about such things. And for those who are awakened enough that they simply cannot return to the flock, then the offer is often to sign up here and follow we “Indigo Elders,” we know more than you, listen to us, trust us, and believe in us. At moments such as these, always remember that teachers and guides rarely claim to be such things themselves, they are seen to be that way, and granted such descriptions or titles, by others whom they have helped. Your own personal teachers and guides are those who you feel in your heart are the ones who should teach and guide you, no one else. If someone claims to be an indigo elder and demands your attention because of it, then most likely, they are a decoy, whether they are aware of it or not. Always remember, there are many methods in play to prevent you from awakening and many red herrings are laid along the path, each one appearing to be possible as the perfect answer to your questions.

One of the two main tools used to keep you in a state of confusion without you knowing it, is the fluoride in your toothpastes and water supplies, and there are also many other chemicals that are added to processed foods to decrease your awareness and prevent your longevity. I implore you all to buy non fluoride dental products, and drink only water that you know is fresh. It is true that Calcium Fluoride is an organically occurring compound and harmless in small doses, but the Sodium Fluoride that is used in dental products and water supplies is a cumulative poison and it does not prevent tooth decay, it inhibits brain function and promotes docility in the subject. Notably, fluoride was first used in mind control experiments by the Nazis in the death camps. It was also added to the water in order to keep the people of Germany in check and it is well noted that a person under the influence of such a chemical is always completely oblivious to the fact. The ability of fluoride to do this is not some internet myth as many would claim and have you believe. It is the absolute truth. Yet even now, and despite the clear results shown in the latest fluoride studies, as more people begin to awaken and begin to question the situation the world is in, the more governments are seeking to combat this awakening by undertaking the increased fluoridation of their water supplies, touting dental health as the reason, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Do not doubt yourself. Many indigo’s may indeed possess an exceptional IQ, but they may not necessarily be of high education, and a persons IQ, as measured in any series of online tests undertaken by a long term consumer of fluoride, is no true indicator. Awakening for any person under such conditions can be an extremely difficult and slow process, and the result offered to them by an IQ test should by no means be used as a defining confirmation as to the hue of their aura. It’s not IQ that defines an indigo as such, it is awareness and feelings, and the true key, is intuition. Always trust your own inner thoughts. Always listen to, and believe in, your own intuition, because that is where you will find the first awakenings. If it means that much to you and you would really like to know the color of your aura, there are many spiritualists who can see such things, or if you would prefer a more scientific and definitive confirmation, there are many commercial establishments who offer to take a picture of your aura. Just search around, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

The second, and perhaps the most important tool that is used to keep people in check and prevent them from ever becoming truly aware, is television. Television is the greatest, and most all pervasive, hypnotist and propaganda tool, ever conceived. TV teaches people what to think, but not How to think, and TV has given modern humans an utterly false perception of society, of the world, and of each other. Through TV, the power elite have succeeded in creating a distracted, misinformed, divided and class-driven society, suffering historical amnesia and completely oblivious to the true reality of their surroundings. And all of these people view themselves as truly informed, and are very quick to berate and ridicule anyone who offers them an alternate perspective. Subsequently, through the ideas put into their heads by TV, and through a TV-driven obsession with the collecting of meaningless trinkets fashions and possessions that the TV tells them defines who they are as people, the power elite have also managed to rob most of the common man of their wealth, their lands, their education and their history. But most importantly, it has robbed people of their ability to think critically and objectively. And that is exactly what Television was designed to do and exactly why it was invented.

Every television set is also specifically designed to emit alpha waves. These can be clearly seen as a series of horizontal lines that run across the screen from top to bottom at regular intervals when using a camera to film an operating TV set, but they cannot be detected by the naked eye. These regular lines are not simply a normal part of the functioning of your picture tube. They are there for a particular reason and they travel across the screen at a predetermined and very specific pace. How often have you seen someone sit at a TV and say “I don’t like this program” and yet sit there and watch it anyway? How often have you done it yourself? It is because these horizontal lines are there to generate hypnotic alpha waves. Alpha waves place you into a trance-like state as you are told what to think by scripted news readers and told what to buy, what to wear, and where to go, and always kept otherwise distracted by sport, meaningless celebrity gossip, and a barrage of sex, and entertainment, nowadays ever more frequently punctuated by messages of fear, and warnings of imminent terror. These alpha waves produced by your TV set affect your electrical field even if you are not watching it. The TV merely has to be on. They become addictive as your body becomes used to the energy field and many people would simply feel unable to cope without the daily fix of their favorite TV show. Then this hypnotic state carries on through the day, as people work robot-like, at their given tasks, usually discussing whatever the television taught them with their co workers. Often they think they are discussing their own thoughts, but when the conversation is really analyzed, it’s usually not. It’s about what show they watched last night, or sport, or something they learned from discovery channel, their feelings towards the opposite sex, or perhaps something like the war on terror, and whether they realize it or not, what they are talking about - and 98% of what they think they know about anything - has been taught to them by the Television or by print media that is wholly owned and controlled by the very same 6 people who own all the TV stations. That’s right. 6 people!

60 years ago the media in the western world was run by 86 small corporations who all competed to deliver the best and most informative news. Today it is run as a well oiled, very streamlined, and tightly controlled machine by just 6, who now control all major western mainstream television and print media, and with the current rate of corporate growth, that number is set to soon drop to 3. This has set an extremely dangerous precedent as it means all televised and mainstream print media is now controlled by very very few people. For a better and more informed perspective, I advise you to obtain your news online from independent websites - and go to many sites from differing countries and sources, to compare the same story from a variety of perspectives. You have been told that the internet is an unreliable source of information and it is true that there are many bogus websites and red herrings thrown into the pot, but there is also a lot of very reliable information from very reliable sources, if you look in the right places. And remember, that the ones who are telling you that the thousands of independent websites who have apposing views to the mainstream shouldn’t be trusted, number only 6, it is just that its those 6 who control all the major media, so those 6, are able to control most of what information gets to the general public, and how such information is presented. It must also be duly considered that all of these 6 media corporations have extremely close ties to major financial institutions, and arms manufacturers. Such a conflict of interests immediately poses huge questions regarding the objectivity, and reliability of any information presented by these organizations.

Truly, the best thing you can do to inform yourself and immediately improve your wellbeing, your health, and your intelligence, is to turn off your television set completely - except for maybe 30 minutes of news a day, just to keep track of which lies are being fed to the general public, and get most of your news and information and entertainment online. Watch DVD’s on your pc and just leave the TV off - And talk to your neighbors. Don’t judge them. Get to know them, no matter what their color, what their race, or what their beliefs, you will soon discover that inside, they are just like you.

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  1. An interesting article and well put together. You Indigos, a term I had not heard until about 6 months ago, are just high level souls.

    This explains your understanding and Spiritual awareness. As we evolve too the higher levels we seem to have much more awareness and intuitive understanding of the true nature of us, as Spiritual Beings.

    Although we can accept everyone with unconditional love, we seem to only be able to have meaningful relationships with those within one or possibly two levels, of our own level of evolvement, this can be higher or lower. That would explains why you are often thought of as different, as most people in the developed world are in the mid to lower levels and this is very apparent during schooling.

    I have never asked questions about Fluoride in water before, thank you.

    The internet was created to prevent the control of information by materially wealthy and powerful groups, that have over the years, prevented useful inventions and medical treatments from being used, for selfish financial reasons.

    The number of high level Souls on Earth at this times is the greatest in our history. Spiritual awareness must catch up with material scientific discoveries because most things can be done much more simply, more quickly at little or no cost using specific universal Spiritual Truths.

    Keep up the good work.

    With Love for I Love You
    Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
    Simple ways to Heal Your Human Life Energy Fields
    Metaphysical Institute
    Metaphysical Institute Blog

  2. I think that its all interesting... It would probably be cool to be an indigo, its probably not that different, but it would be nice to literally be a gift from God. Or something truly special.. Ehh I dont know.. well, bottom line its verrrrrrry interesting...!!!!!!!

  3. By God I think I'm an indigo, it started as a suspicion and now I think... maybe I am. I thought though that... well I was under the impression that you had to be born an indigo and just that it should have been much easier to know that I was or wasn't an indigo.
    Are u sure about the flouride, because thats a really serious accusation there and you've got me kinda scared. I don't know how to avoid flouride... I can't avoid my dentist checkups every year I'm only a kid still I guess and my mom can make me go, and I don't have the money to buy bottled water all the time! I really HOPE you're wrong about flouride, but... can you leave a link or something about the flouride tests about how it doesn't help your teeth and the mind control stuff?
    Do you think even Obama knows about all this now? I thought he seemed like a pretty good person do you think he's doing this to us or do you think they keep it hidden from him like us????

  4. Thanks, I think this is possibly the most enlightening article I have ever read. For years I have been faced with the conscious dilemma to feel the need to conform to be accepted, now I realise I should be the one deterring the conformists and attempting to free them.

    It is immensely reassuring to know there are likeminded others out there because recently I have been going through a drastic personal change and have come to accept that I dont think the same as my friends or family, and have always wondered why, to the point of feeling occasionally alienated, I now think I know why.

    I have been reading about people who resonate an alternate outlook on life for some time and the 'symptoms' of these people share too much in common with that of my persona not to consider myself an Indigo. Thank you very much I really am grateful for people such as yourself for shedding light on this subject.

  5. I would really like to talk further with you on this subject. I believe that a lot of what you are talking about I was always aware of but couldn't articulate it as coherently.