Life is like a long train journey where friends and loved ones depart unexpectedly...here was my stop on the line. R.I.P.

Phoenix Journal No. 144

Goethe: “There is no one so hopelessly enslaved as he who falsely believes he is free.”


Does it matter to me? Yes, but not terribly, for your choices are yours—my task of truth-bringing is not changed by YOUR choice. I am not at WAR with anyone over anything. My mission is to offer a hand as requested and the truth—no more and no less. Interference is not acceptable—intervention is carefully studied at all times. Are there “star wars?” No, no more, that is, than on your “star”—isolated and totally stupid. But, you are correct, as with “your” garbage, it is “your stupid” so you have a right to hold it and fight for it if you so choose. I find stupid garbage to be the major polluting factor on your globe.
When global society is reduced to robotic control by slap-stick stupid actions, violence, terror, fear, disease, war, blood, immorality, deviance in all manners of ways, corruption, greed, lust and resulting acts of lust, rape, pillage and plundering, disrespect for anything or anyone—you have trouble! YOU HAVE TROUBLE IN A BIG WAY!

Do “we” have trouble? NO. We have “problems” presented by the “troublers” and “troubled”. We also have “SOLUTIONS” for our problems. There is a gargantuan difference. When the SPIRIT is centered and Balanced there may well be continuing problems which “trouble” the consciousness—but the being is not thrown into chaos by such disruptions. For example, Dharma has problems which “trouble” but they do not disrupt the balance of Spiritual status. This makes the “problem” “objective”. When the problem causes perturbations to the “Spirit” it is “trouble” but stability can be regained by KNOWING TRUTH.
Does this mean that the problem will “go away”? No, it means that in wisdom it is known that every problem has a solution. Wise handling of the problem offers dissolution of the “trouble”. Unwise action will enhance the “trouble”. Therefore, WISDOM becomes the method of desired operation. Is this always possible? Yes, but it is rarely ALWAYS presented as the chosen “possibility”. No man has a “corner on the market” of unwise decisions. There is, however, a WONDERFUL SET OF GUIDELINES which, if always utilized in every action and decision, will merit WISE DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS.
At the time of the “trouble” it is usually not immediately recognized by the individual as only a
“problem”, Dharma included. Recognize which is assaulting and RESPOND carefully. Do not REACT wildly. The resolution will always come through wisdom in response to a problem presented. Trouble will simply be enhanced by the REACTIONS in ignorance of ego tantrums and demands. Am I some kind of nutty expert on Spiritual and emotional “stuff”, i.e., “problem” vs “trouble”?? No, I am an “authority” on the subject through learning and experience by gaining WISDOM through both. JUST LIKE YOU! I learned but perhaps you have yet to learn? I know who I AM; who might you be? If you begin your response to this last question with “I think...” then you have “trouble” or at the very least—a “problem”. If I “know” and you only “think” then, by universal law, I’ve gotcha’ two to one and have all the trump cards still holding.
GOD always sends His troops (messengers) when the problems present—and by the time the
problems are “troubles” we are in full force. But most never find us in the midst of the LIES.
The LIGHT is always there for the seeing—but most just keep trying to “put it out” so that their
own perceptions of themselves are not “found out”. God KNOWS, students, and when the big
“professor” in the sky, Who CREATED you as a wondrous machine, KNOWS, there isn’t anything else worth noting to continue to HIDE from.
I certainly am not here for your “religious” exercises, friends; I am here with facts as they ARE. I don’t deal in wishes and druthers—I DEAL IN REALITY—not within YOUR ILLUSIONS AND DELUSIONS. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THIS FACT, THEN I MOST CERTAINLY SUGGEST YOU LOOK AROUND YOU AND THEN VERY CAREFULLY AT SELF. If “I” am somehow a threat to you—perhaps you had better ask “why?”. If I but represent one more 68,000 year old space cadet—why would that concern you? Why would my message concern you? Why? BECAUSE I AM NOT! AND MOREOVER: YOU KNOW IT!
I don’t need to hang around and dwell on the “shortness” of “time”. We can speak of events and sequence of events—but “time” actually has no meaning at all. You have all the time in the universe—infinite eternity.

Salu, have a “hard” day. The “nice day” routine is a Khazarian phrase meaning “sleep well”.

FRI., JUN. 23, 1995 7:42 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 311
FRI., JUN. 23, 1995

“Yea, though we walk through the valley...”

Dharma, staring at the empty screen will not our work get done! Let us share a moment in communication and understanding, and then perhaps the recognition of “what” brings such sadness and loneliness this morning might emerge. May I ask that this be considered a response to several people at a most personal level for there is such a contradiction of “feelings” in my compatriots as to cause us all to stop and take note of what is happening to ourselves. Most especially I want to respond to the loving note from Wally G., although he will suggest he sent it not to me. He did and I hear. Dear Friends, it is not a matter of work finished or waiting to be done as much as it is that no matter what might be our “work”—there is always MORE. Gloriously, there is always MORE. We call it “work” for it is not the labor as such which impacts
our senses; it is our necessary confrontation of choices, patience, feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, and sorrow that sweeps across our LIVING MINDS. The consciousness responds in hopelessness oft-times, flitting here and there to find all the chinks in our armor of Light which will allow the true feelings of helplessness and “child” to rise to the surface and consume the moment. We are, after all, but children finding our way in a time and space which makes no sense to our REALITY. So what is it that tugs at us and pulls us away from all that “others” accept as their plight, their passage, their rightful RIGHT to live in an empty void absent wisdom, intellectual challenge and entrapment in that environment. If this be “their
‘right’ “ then how dare we intrude upon the moment of their lessons? Can we love, watch, and maintain respect for that which is so damaging to our senses as to overwhelm us at times? Yes, we can, we must and WE SHALL.
Is it loss that causes us the unfettered need to continue our pursuit of that which is part of us? No, it is our “growth” which causes us to push on for, as we grow in understanding and recognition of our acquired KNOWING and confrontation of TRUTH, our consciousness will no longer accept the ignorant incarceration of our brother’s mind. It has nothing to do, actually, with our brother’s desires—it is the LIE which confronts our senses like a disease of unending proportion. The terrible sadness which sweeps our beings is a grieving, a terrible and deep grieving for that which we must release and the terror of breaking away from the recognized security (but death sentence) of that which IS abounding about us, accepting it and others as “their” right to express but the feelings of selfdislike for having allowed, especially our close and beloved ones, to become part of the lie—of which we were the largest part as we matured. But remember, we can only be a product of that which came before.
The student will have no alternative save to learn from the professor, so our learning can be no better than our teacher—be it kindergarten or LIFE. So where, sir, were you when I was first learning? I was right there waiting for you to grow enough to hear me. The stage was set and lighted but the growing had to take place—just as with each being. We are not separate, one from another—only expressing differently.

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