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People often say, "You can't save the world." The statement insinuates that as individuals our efforts for change and for the bettering society are utterly useless. Yet, historical analysis disagrees.

There have been countless individuals that took a proactive outlook on life and made profound changes to our society. We would like to one day be able to say that we did the same.We all have a limited time on this planet. Some people leave the world having made a substantial impact while others only a small one. Some affect the world and society positively and some negatively. But everyone affects the world in some way.

It will be up to you to decide how large and in what fashion your legacy will be. We can't tell you how to make your footstep on this planet but we do believe that if you believe strongly in something, you should use your energy to make it a reality.

We have to fight against apathy, as it never improves the situation at hand. At FreeDocumentaries.org we are attempting to educate and entertain as many people as possible in hopes of fostering a healthy democracy. We could use your help in pursuing this goal.


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