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Diet Soap is a ‘Zine and a Podcast
We are who we say we are.

Doug Lain recognizes that he is a member of the entertained public — a public that Guy Debord described in his 1978 film In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni as “dying in droves on the freeways, and in each flu epidemic and each heat wave, and with each mistake of those who adulterate their food, and each technical innovation profitable to the numerous entrepreneurs for whose environmental developments they serve as guinea pigs.”

Last week Lain drank six Starbuck’s coffees and daydreamed about revolution 12.5 times. Douglas Lain lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and four children.

M.K. Hobson has nothing to say about herself at the present time.

Diet Soap Podcast #6: Neil Kramer Unplugged (from the Matrix)
The sixth episode of the Diet Soap podcast features Neil Kramer of the blog the Cleaver. Neil is a mystic and gnostic and he discusses the Matrix with me in what turned out to be a two part interview. Neil is a frequent guest of the fine podcast the C-Realm and other interesting podcasts such as Stormy Weather. Also in this episode is Kaolin Fire's story "Keep to the Fringe." Kaolin Fire is the editor of GUD Magazine (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) and this story originally appeared at the How to Write Stories about Writers webpage at dietsoap.org. Please send feedback on this episode and others to info@dietsoap.org.

Diet Soap Podcast 7: Transcending the Ego
May 27, 2009

Neil Kramer is back for the second half of a conversation about the control system and the self. This episode also features a reading of Gary Snyder's "Buddhist Anarchism," and the voices of Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, Jill Bolte Taylor, and Slavoj Zizek. If you've been listening and have a comment write to info@dietsoap.org and your comment will be read in the next podcast.

The Cleaver

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