Hollie Greig, Robert Green and Maurice Kirk...join the dots

Maurice Kirk won his court case and went back to jail.. check out his story

Flying Vet flies from prison ……….into Court

Great news from the dark Principality of Wales!
Maurice Kirk won his court case and defeated the sad attempt at prosecution for going armed with a 1st World War DH Biplane…………….

But he returned seeking to obtain his papers and was arrested again on charges of attempted burglary and banged up again by the plods. He next appears in the Welsh court on the 24th February when the attempt to send him to Broadmoor for ever and ever will start all over again!!!!!

Anybody who thinks they have the balls or stamina to challenge the whole damned stupid and corrupt system should read Maurice Kirk’s blog site Here before going to bed every night – and it should be part of the essential School Curriculum for all students.

You want to protest about corruption in Jersey? Read and understand Maurice Kirk first.
submitted by Thomas Wellard

Political Ponerology perhaps offers the pencil to join the dots

Maurice back in Court on 16th Feb
I left 8 months of sheer terror, culminating in a wicked sham of a British trial and went back to Caswell Clinic to demand my FOA and DP ACTS paid for medical records.

I was arrested for 'attempted burglary'!

The police kept me the maximum time allowed and at 11 at night 2 psychiatrists and a social worker of suitable rank arrived in my cell and proceeded to interrogate me for well over an hour with the view of a Section to a lunatic assylum without trial....deja vu?

Near 1am I was informed I had, effectively, won that round.

I was later released and charged with Public Order, Sect 5 and 'obstruction'! I had to agree to report twice a week at Barry police station live at 52, Tynewydd Rd Barry , currently for sale and attend Barry hearing for 24th Feb 10 am.

I was originally given unconditional bail by Barry magistrates, in June 2009, for 'possession of a machine gun', only for it only for my freeedom being reversed by 10 successive Cardiff Crown Court judges each using a different excuse, each time, following my proving each of their arguements were based on a sheer pack of lies. The gun charge, like the proverbial 'lead Zeppilin', had no way to go but down, as the rule of law (1988 Act and 1968 Firearms Act etc etc) was obvious to the lot of them in the first place.

What did the french man say? "when the government is wrong, it is dangerous to be right"

The whole issue arose from the Chief Constable's erroneous 25th Feb 2009 sworn afffidavit denying court cases and police break ins to my veterinary surgeries had ever taken place.

The 18 year civil action for damages, needing over 100 police to give evidence, due to be starting 11th Jan 2010, was dependant on 'mutual exchange' of witness statements at 10am on 22nd June 2009 at Cardiff County Court so I had to be jailed that morning. Hollie Greig and her Mother fighting an uphill battle for justice... check out their story
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