Its time for all good people to come to the aid of the party

Lets get inspired to stop these ponerologious lunatics from their madness

Its been a time since I put some personal emotion onto this blog and not just published interesting articles or research lines ive been following, but its time for a vent.

I was going to post the excellent Connecting the dots monthly article from Signs of the Times, but the more I read the more it depressed and reflected my current life, All be it in smaller disasters, more localised problems, nothing in comparison but bells ringing to be sure.

I consider myself a nodal point of information, Ive been publishing this blog, Virtual World 360 for over three years, I woke up sharply in 2006 after an NDE and have not stopped researching and changing my life based on the facts that I believe to be true, after critical thinking and online independent research.

I launched an off grid self sufficiency project in March, Permaculture Senda Verde in my attempt to walk the walk and talk the talk, non violent non compliance with the system.
I believe the system is not changeable from the inside, Ive given 20 years of my life doing the best I could until the penny dropped, a nepotistic dog eat dog lie does not fit a meritocatic humane outlook on life. You cant win out there these days.

No matter what subject you research, agriculture, education, medication, public policy....we are doing it wrong, Ocams razer my arse, its time to wear a tin foil hat with pride and start finding out just whats going on.

Start investigating through independent internet media outlouts subjects that you have an interest in, once you find the first whopper you will be off on an terrible trail, but a trail that leads to self knowledge, self power and the ability to protect your family and loved ones from what, and I say this as a nodal point, is coming down very fast.

Its too late if ever it was possible to change it from the inside, from protest and demonstration, the NGOs are all bought off, the quangos rule the governments, the governments are all worse than arse lickers, not a man or woman of moral substance between any of them, in any country. all bought and paid for by the corporations.

I refuse to comply with corrupt, unjust, imorral and in humane laws that mean nothing to me, a Freeman, free born with the rights that source gave me. I suggest anyone with fire in their blood and a black vision of the future go research the Freeman on the land concept, you will find plenty of links on my side bar. But after hours on it you will find, if you stick the course that its nothing more than an attitude. I am a human being and I have a right to live happily on this planet without interference from people that are trying obviously to do me harm.

We got to get angry, but in a Gandhi way, non violent non compliance with the system is your natural source given right.

When the tide is turning it can still feel like everything is against you, but from the sheer furry of the complete shite that is going on globally I can only conclude its time to stand tall, dig deep, and look for the dawn. The darkest dark is always before the lightest light, it soon comes.

Check out SOTT monthly article, believe nothing, research everything and go with your gut not your head.

Connecting the Dots: Whistling Past The Graveyard

July 2010 saw extreme weather and the further apparent collapse of our planet's eco-system come front and center. Despite these dire warning signs, the psychopaths in power continue to do their best to obfuscate the facts and embroil as many normal human beings as possible in conflict, strife, suffering and death.

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