t or T - THAT is the question

Some time ago a friend said to me "Mike, you know, everyone has their own truth. I have mine and you have yours". End of story.

No, not end of story. Imagine a man some forty years ago that stole 50 dollars from the cashier at the post office. Later at the pub he bragged about it and some weeks later the story was that he had stolen 500 dollars. Now, here comes you and hear this story for the first time from a really trustworthy old lady sitting outside the pub. Why she give you this information I don't know, but she gives you the story about the man who stole the 500 dollars.

You have now a piece of "truth", correct? It matters not if this is a story about a man who stole 50 dollars or if it's the story of who wrote the "holy" Bible. My claim is that there is the truth and the Truth, with capital T. It is a really big difference here, you must agree. What is the truth in regards of 9/11? There are many versions running in the media and what is your "truth" in regards of who was behind it and how did it all came about?

So the big question is: do you have the t or the T? Do you know? Do you care?

Now, let us move this one step further towards the capital T, as in Truth. Do you need to know the Truth? Why cant you just cruise along and have your own little truth? Who cares? If you settle with truth then Truth will have a bigger problem "breathing". You have all heard the stories about when the earth was flat, and someone came and said it was round. The truth-people were doing all they could to stop the Truth-people. People got killed for speaking the Truth. But you cant stop the Truth. Truth will always win.

You may argue here and say, well, listen here, I do as I please. I don't care about you or your idiotic truth, with a t or a T. I am happy right here on my sofa with my TV. I don't have Time with a capital T. Get lost!

Yea, why do we care about you and whether or not you pursue Truth? You may not realize that they have already stolen your life and now they are going after your soul. Since you are comfortable in your sofa watching your favorite TV-show you haven't noticed this, have you...? Listen here, you are in a deep, deep trance. You are programmed to react and think in a certain way. You may argue here that that is not True. Well, how would you know??? We live in a world were power and money is ruling and less than one percent of the worlds population own over 40% of the world. And every day they "steal more of our world" and eventually they will grab your lovely sofa and TV too. Then what will you do?

We care about you and we want you to get the Truth! We want you to be free. We want you to be happy. We do not want a “cement person”, “living dead”, “robotoid” or “Lights on, but nobody home” sitting there holding on to truth.

I am so sorry to disturb you, but this is yet another WAKE UP CALL!

What will happen when you find Truth? Well, obviously you will understand more. Your life will change to the better. Why is that? You will now have knowledge and knowledge is power. It effects all of your choices in life. Without knowledge what do you do? Where do you go? You are forced to stumble in the darkness. Knowledge is Light. Light makes you see. Knowledge will make you unite with like minded Truth seekers. We will grow stronger together. Truth needs you.

But, you may say, listen here... I went to school for 10-15 years and I learned my history and I know truth. Yes, you know truth, but you never learned about Truth. Sorry, my friend but they don't teach Truth in school. It doesn't fit the plan, you see. What plan you may ask? Well, thats the question that shouldn't be asked if you knew the Truth. Ones who know the Truth they know what is going on in our world. Obviously you don't. It is about time to WAKE UP from your illusion!

I can almost hear some people that now goes like this: “I don't like to read! Actually I can't read too well. I never read books”. Please, save us from your wailing, and get your act together. You are one of us. You have all the power that we have. We all are driven by love, passion, dreams, desires, wellness, goodness! You can do whatever you want! WHATEVER YOU WANT! Take one step at a time, don't be afraid of asking for support.

Small steps is all it takes. Small steps. Always. And you will immediately start influencing other people to do the same. And so the story goes about the little t that became the capital T.



  1. Excellent post Mike you are burning bright my friend, love and light, Fraser

  2. Absolute truth only exists where no thoughts/separations/egos exist.