The Photon Belt

Hatonn is repeatedly coming back to one of the secrets that the Elite keep away from us - the Photon Belt. Here is a piece of text from Journal #185, page 16-18:

[sorry you have to do without the diagram!]

Our passage through the Photon Belt takes about 2,000 years. We have been in the fringes of this Belt increasingly since about 1962, and we are expected to have made full impact with it about the year 2011. So, just what is this Photon Belt?

From the point of view of the actual purpose of the Photon Belt, certain things appear rather obvious to this author. To start with, with the likelihood of there being billions upon countless billions of constellations in this vast Universe, it would seem that there are many ways of configuring the individual compositions of these constellations. This, if nothing else, would at least keep our CREATOR from ever becoming bored. One such possible configuration is the Pleiadian constellation with its Photon Belt, as shown in the drawing.

From an examination of the accompanying drawing, we see that there is a period of approximately 10,000 years between our periods of being within the Photon Belt. This is the period wherein there is the opportunity for civilizations to grow and develop. If we can comprehend the fact that our Planet Earth is but a school of life where growing souls can evolve to develop consciousness of their CREATOR, and that Earth is only one of many such planets in the Universe, then our ability to comprehend what is actually taking place in reality will thereby be significantly enhanced. There is a clue in that last sentence as to what is happening to us, and that is that we are evolving to develop consciousness of our CREATOR. This appears to be a very important part of, if not the overriding reason for, our whole being and existence here at this time. And to be conscious of our CREATOR is to be conscious of HIS abundant giving and regiving.

Indeed, when ones can fully comprehend their CREATOR, and realize that we are always AT ONE(ATONE) with that CREATOR and can never possibly be separated from HIM (there is no separation in reality), we will begin to realize that any power(s) we may perceive that we have are in reality only the power(s) that we have through our CREATOR. None of us has, or can have, any real power in and of ourselves. Any power that we do have is only possible through our CREATOR, and through HIM we can manifest ALL POWER, sufficient to turn around the evil One World Controllers about to swallow the inhabitants of Planet Earth. All we need do is get beyond our individual egos, beyond believing we are separate selves with separate power(s), and instead realize that only in our unity of purpose can we have real POWER to get this job done! United we shall stand into infinity, but divided we will most certainly fall, and it won’t take much longer.

So, these civilizations grow and flourish for a period of about 10,000 years, which appears to be enough time for individuals to realize their Oneness with their CREATOR. But look around you. Doesn’t it appear as though a majority have been deceived by the evil Controllers, with all of the systems of modern technology at their disposal to use to control the masses? Perhaps 10,000 years is not long enough? Well, in this case it has to be enough, for, you see, we have been given intelligence and we must use it to see beyond the manifested illusion now being used to deceive us. How many of the multitudes appear to believe that 9 to 5 is the way to go, with a beer in front of the TV in the evening, and sports programs on Sunday afternoon? Sounds a lot like the Roman Empire before the collapse, don’t you think??

Anyway, after the 10,000 years it’s final graduation time to see how many have learned their lessons of Light and Love, and just how many were tricked into seeing an illusory world of separate selves. If we do not learn our lessons, however, we do not graduate. If a student in the 6th grade in school does not learn the required lessons to graduate to the 7th grade, they do not graduate. They would be lost in the 7th grade, not having learned that which is required to comprehend what they will experience there!! The Photon Belt is a higher dimension with a higher vibratory frequency wherein all is Light and all truth stands revealed. No one will be able to hide from the Light and the Truth during that time. That is the realm of pure Light of our CREATOR, and it will be as heaven compared to what we are living now. Yet another reason for us not to know this, for if we did it would only be more difficult to control us.

From a literal point of view the Photon Belt will bring Eternal Light, literally 24 hours a day. You may wonder how you will sleep? And then you may realize that you’ve been sleeping for 10,000 years! We may not need to sleep then; our Sun never sleeps. But prior to our actual full-scale entrance around the year 2011 a great deal has yet to transpire. Before completing entry into the Photon Belt we can expect the Earth to cleanse itself of all the contamination which humanity has heaped upon it. Think about this. The Earth itself is a living, breathing organism with an intelligence beyond our comprehension. It has allowed humanity to grow and learn its lessons, but humanity has left a dirty mess in its wake. Since humanity has not left the Earth as they found it, then the Earth will wash itself, and it will use its own water to do so. People are tiny compared to the planet, so it can be expected that more than a few of them may drown “in the wash”.

Accompanying this cleansing process will be floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and great storms, but if you listen carefully to your inner guidance you should be okay. This is simply how a planet such as Earth cleanses itself, just as it has done many times before. If we don’t do it, the planet must! But let’s just see what this Photon Belt really is.

The Photon Belt is a huge, invisible band of highly charged, highly-concentrated, immensely powerful photon (Light) energy. As we have been increasingly in the fringes of this band since 1962, more and more of these photons have been impacting upon us. The increased ultra-violet (U.V.) radiation we have been experiencing in the past decade or so is due to the Photon Belt, and has nothing to do with our ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, which appears to be intact. We have been told that the increased U.V. radiation is due to a depleted ozone layer. Yet another lie to deceive us. And cosmic rays, usually measured in millions of electron volts, have recently been measured by scientists at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah with an energy of 320 billion, billion electron volts. This was previously considered impossible, and is yet further evidence of the high energy we are encountering.

As we approach closer and closer to the Photon Belt, all molecular activity is becoming more and more excited. Many people do not know how to deal with this, and we do not have to look very far to see people running around like crazy. When we actually enter the Belt, all atoms will change and things will become luminescent.

This is when we will have the constant Light. We need to understand something at this point. Available information indicates that, as far as we can comprehend, there are three basic types of beings in existence within the Universe: what could be termed corporeal, like you, with a solid physical body; atmospherean, also solid to a point, but with a much finer and lighter molecular structure; and, etherean, who are beings with Light, or energy, bodies and no physical mass at all.

Now, when we finally actually enter the Photon Belt, we will feel a jolt or shock, similar to putting your finger in a light socket. In that instant you will have changed from a Corporeal person to an Atmospherean person, if your body can make the change. If you cannot, no need to worry, it’s guaranteed to be interesting no matter what happens. The real challenge will be to make it to that day, for the evil One World Controllers will probably use every trick they’ve got to eliminate as many of us as possible before that day arrives.

This is enough of a discussion on the Photon Belt for the present time. Just realize that you now know you are a Pleiadian. We will talk more about the Photon Belt at a later date, but right now we have incredible weather manipulation to deal with on a daily basis, and with winter coming on in America this subject is all important."

You want to learn more on the Photon Belt? Read the Journals, listen to Hatonn on mp3. It is all there, and much more. Truth will set your free!

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