Irish side of the Moon interviews medical maverick Harvey Bigelsen M.D.

Harvey Bigelsen M.D. is curing cancer and exposing the big Pharma death trap

Just before we get into this post I want to say.
I have been listening avidly to Gabriele Logue, the main host on the Irish Side of the Moon podcast over the last few months and have nothing but admiration and respect for him and the team behind him in Donegal, Ireland.

I respect your style, presentation, attention to detail, honesty and the fact that you seem to be one of us, by that, I mean, standing up and taking responsibility for your education, thoughts and actions.

Thank you guys for your collective production, its ringing home clear and true with me and so nice to hear a celtic twang to the galactic voice of reason.

Listen to this explosive two part interview with Gabriele Logue from Irish Side of the moon and Harvey Bigelsen M.D.
Part 1 Harvey Bigelsen M.D
Part 2 Harvey Bigelsen M.D

Harvey Bigelsen, MD
Harvey Bigelsen M.D. * is the first medical doctor in history to practice Isopathy or Biological Medicine in North America. He is a trained MD for 39 years with more than 25 years of experience in alternative medicine. As the first president of the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Board, he drafted the guidelines and standards for the practice of 'Holistic' Medicine in Arizona that set the precedent in the United States. He helped to author the law that made Arizona Homeopathy what it is today.

Hemobiographic Consultant

Born October 13th 1940, in Brooklyn, N.Y., Harvey Bigelsen, M.D. * , is an internationally respected pioneer in isopathic and biographic medicine. His work combines homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, energy medicine, anti-aging therapies, hemobiographic analysis and the psychology of disease. Dr. Bigelsen has studied with John Diamond, M.D., Erik Enby, M.D., Joseph Issels, M.D., Silka Friedrich, and at the A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Research Foundation in Arizona .

For nearly 10 years he served as director of the Institute de Medicina Biologica in Tijuana, Mexico. In 1981 he co-wrote the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act and was appointed by then-governor Bruce Babbitt as the first president of the Arizona Homeopathic Board. While serving this appointment, he drafted standards for homeopathic practice and education in Arizona, the first such standards in the United States. Dr. Bigelsen started his medical practice in surgical ophthalmology and worked as a surgeon during the Vietnam War.


Albert Szvent-Giorgi, Nobel Prize winner and father of modern biochemistry, stated ,"They will never find the answer for cancer, unless they understand the meaning of life." Biographic Medicine is based on that concept. The only way to understand disease is, first, to understand the meaning of life. The philosophy of Biographic Medicine is based on the theories of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Gunther Enderlein, Antoine Bechamp, Rupert Sheldrake, and Andrew Taylor Still and on Homotoxicology .

Darwin's theory of evolution is based on antagonism and chance. Lamarck's theory of evolution is based on adaptation and symbiosis. Pasteur believed that germs never change and cause disease. Bechamp, his rival, believed that germs change and adapt to the surrounding terrain. Using Pasteur's and Darwin 's philosophies, which modern medicine uses today, we would attack and kill the germ. However, on the other hand, using Bechamp's philosophy of pleomorphism, we should treat and stabilize the terrain and the germ will go back to its normal, symbiotic state.

The physical body has been created over eons by germs that have organized and are working together as a unit, similar to a Portuguese man-o-war or jellyfish. For example, the linings of our intestines are actually germs that are organized and working in harmony. The more the terrain changes and the chemistry and the pHs of the terrain change, the mucosal cells that line the intestines will change their shape and start to protect themselves. They will actually become parasites, Candida, etc., producing waste products that attempt to put the terrain back into its normal shape. Enderlein developed concepts of using germs, such as fungus and bacteria, to actually rebuild the physical body.

The laws and concepts of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology clearly indicate the path of disease and cure. All disease begins with acute symptoms which are bacterial in nature and eventually become chronic and fungal in nature. When disease is treated, it must be reversed and brought back from fungal to bacterial to normal.

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Harvey Bigelsen, MD


  1. Thank you for you kind words. we are learning as we go, and we are a work in progress. The internet is truley a marvel,if we use it wisely, and that is also a learning process. thank you for sharing the interview/information with your reader's, if we can alter the perceptions of even ten people, then it is worth it. If you would'nt mind, we would like to put a link to your blog on our site.
    kind regards
    gabriel logue

  2. Hi Gabriel, Please go ahead Im sure your listeners and our readers have alot of overlap. Excelent third season, keep up the good work.