HIV equals AIDS, Fact or fraud?

Steve "Stars" Allen ---Documentary producer and investigative journalist, producer of "HIV=AIDS - Fact or Fraud"

Another mind blowing interview from Jan at Gnostic Media, listen and hold on tight as your concept of reality is shaken.

In addition, and at long last, Len Horowitz is ousted as a fruad and agent for the powers that be. I suppose the Owl and him being a Knight of Malta are clues enough but its high time this imposter was exposed to the truth community. Thank you Steve.

Congratulations Jan on another fantastic show.

Today we begin the trek into health. We continue on our path of critical thinking using the trivium method and today we enter another taboo subject and one that I've followed for nearly 17 years. The question: Is AIDS real? This show is a shocker, and another that will force you to question everything you've been told. In fact, some of the world's leading experts say that HIV and AIDS are unrelated. But why aren't we told about this in the mainstream news? Today my guest is Steve Allen.

Steve "Stars" Allen ---Documentary producer and investigative journalist, producer of "HIV=AIDS - Fact or Fraud" an indepth expose of the HIV/AIDS scandal. Steve graduated from Colorado State University with a BA Degree in Journalism, and has since worked as a TV news and sports anchor, writer producer and engineer for many broadcast and satellite/cable networks before leaving the mainstream media to cover the stories they refuse to expose. Having spent many years investigating the New World Order's agendas and operations, Steve endeavors to find the documented details about today's perilous times, then clearly inform the public with vital information that reveals what is actually going on. Steve also has been a part-time college instructor, screenwriter and radio talkshow host currenty on Truth Be told Radio at www.theylie.com


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