The Truth Vibrations

By David Icke

Everything looks very different once you are touched by the Truth Vibrations. I can see so clearly today those attuning to the new energetic resonance and those who are still welded to the old. This is the parting of the ways, the fork in the road, that I talk about.

One enormous irony in all this is that I know people who are completely controlled by the old vibration - the Control System vibration - while talking endlessly about 'love and light', 'I love everyone' and 'people must wake up'.

They think they are awakening (no, awakened) to the new vibration when they are expressions of the dying embers of the old that will play out to its conclusion in the next few years. I see people talking about love while being totally devious and self-serving; they talk about giving and loving everyone when me, me, me is the only show in town.

The Truth Vibrations are not a talking, they are a being, a doing. Condemning the system and then using it for your own ends whenever it suits you is not the Truth Vibrations - it is that which they are sweeping away. The Truth Vibrations are bringing to the surface all that has been hidden and so the fake self-identities that hide behind 'love and light' and other personality fronts while serving the Control System will find that their masks will suddenly lift ...

We are in for so many shocks and surprises in the next few years as we see people who project a fake image for what they really are. This includes, indeed most especially includes, the reptilian-human hybrid bloodline families behind the Control System

The Truth Vibrations - a gathering energetic wave - are in the process of opening minds and bringing to the surface all that has been hidden.

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