BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Is Not a US Citizen, Not Eligible to be US President.

Birth Certificate Found in Kenya. Citizen of Kenya and Indonesia. Hawaiian Certificate Forged, Suit Alleges.

Republicans Can Hardly Wait for Dems to Take Obama Bait


Attorney Phil Berg speaks on his Federal Suit to Stop Obama, this week on Listen on Demand on World Crisis Radio with Webster Tarpley.

On Aug. 21st attorney Philip J. Berg requested a temporary restraining order in Federal Court against the nomination of Barack Obama, citing evidence that candidate Barack Obama is not a US citizen, and "the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated." See Berg's website, http://www.ObamaCrimes.com .

Berg argues that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in 1961 to an American woman, Stanley Ann Dunham, and a Kenyan man, Barack Hussein Obama Senior, as reportedly shown by a birth certificate from Mombasa Maternity Hospital and witnessed by Barack's relatives. According to the law at that time, a parent could pass US citizenship on to a child born abroad if the parent was at least 19 years old. Obama's mother was only 18.

No hospital birth certificate has been produced to prove Obama was born in Hawaii, only a certificate of birth registry after the fact, which forensics experts have denounced as a forgery. New photos of the certificate were posted on the Internet on Aug. 21st at FactCheck.org, which is a project of the Annenberg Center, a longtime sponsor of Obama. It is quite suspicious in itself that the "facts" are not being "checked" by an independent source, and that only a short-form certificate without the name of the hospital is shown. Barack's mother could have flown from Kenya to Hawaii right after the birth, then reported that she had the child at home, in order to secure her son's US citizenship. The judge needs to subpoena Hawaiian officials to provide an original hospital report of birth.

Moreover, when Obama was six years old his mother remarried and moved with her husband to his country, Indonesia. Records indicate Obama was naturalized as an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia does not allow dual nationality, so even had he been born in Hawaii, he would have lost his citizenship then.

See http://www.waronfreedom.org/dox/BO-NO-Citizen-BriefFacts.htm for factual background of Berg's suit.

Even if Obama is able to provide a US birth certificate, a dozen more insurmountable scandals face this unelectable candidate, which the Republicans can hardly wait to unleash on him after he is nominated.

1. When Obama recently made an issue of the number of houses the McCains own, McCain shot back with much heavier artillery: Obama's friend Rezko is a convicted felon, sitting in jail. Obama is the candidate of Chicago corruption. His other cronies Auchi and Alsammare are also convicted felons who have stolen hundreds of millions from the Iraqi Provisional authority and from the government in Illinois. This has been detailed by investigative journalist Evelyn Pringle on opednews, and by Webster Tarpley in his forthcoming book, "Barack H. Obama: the Unauthorized Biography."

2. Obama has very close links to the convicted Weathermen terrorist bombers Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn. He shared board memberships with Ayres on the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. This and most of the following scandals are detailed in Tarpley's "Obama – The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate," released in June.

3 Obama is very close to the racist demagogues Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Otis Moss III, Hopkins, Meeks, and Pfleger.

4 Obama has been accused in Federal Court of using crack cocaine by Larry Sinclair, along with gay sex. The Obama camp retaliated by arresting Sinclair in an enemies list operation by Beau Biden, son of veep candidate Joe Biden.

5. The mysterious deaths of black gays in and around Wright's Church: Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland could be linked to Obama.

6. Obama's relations to Chechen Terrorism through Ilyas Achmadov.

7. His relations to CIA-controlled Palestinian factions Khalidi and Abu Nimah.

8. The mysterious deaths of key Clinton delegates and floor leaders just before the convention: Bill Gwatney and Tubbs Jones.

9. The alleged Michelle Obama Hate Whitey tape.

10. Then of course there is the problem that Obama is a very weak candidate as regards appeal across the spectrum. In the primaries Obama was not able to carry any of the big Blue states that a Democrat has to win in the electoral college for the general election.

Obama is not able to appeal to the electorate on the issues, only on his personality. His attempt to appear populist fails since he is in fact the puppet of the right-wing Chicago School and revanchist Brzezinski faction. Instead of offering what the great majority of Americans want, peace abroad and fixing the economy at home, he will deliver increased austerity. The war in Georgia shows that the post-9/11 era has now ended with a new cold war against Russia, inspired by Obama's guru Brzezinski.

As Tarpley points out, Obama has never won a real election contest; his way has always been smoothed by engineered scandals.

But this time the scandals are set to go the other way.

The Democrat National Committee has to be certified insane if they nominate Obama. There is no way he can beat "war hero" McCain with a ton of dirty laundry like this around his neck.

And even that pales beside the blamage, the loss of face for the Democrats if they nominate a candidate who is not even a US citizen, thus giving the election by default to the Republicans. That would be the final insult to what is left of the two-party system.

By the way, John McCain was born outside the US, on a US military base in the Canal Zone, but an act of Congress in the 1930's accorded citizenship to all children born to US parents in the Canal Zone. In Barack Obama's case his citizenship hinges mainly on whether or not he was born in the US.

Tarpley's publisher, Progressive Press, is offering a free PDF file of Obama: The Postmodern Coup to all bloggers and book reviewers - especially before the nomination next week! Contact info@progressivepress.com

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