“The Power to Tax is The Power to Destroy!”

“The Power to Tax is The Power to Destroy!”

(former Supreme Court Justice, John Marshall)

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in all of history has ruined so many lives…wrecked so many families…increased so many prices…eliminated so man opportunities to many savings…forced so many industries into leaving our country…destroyed so many wealth-creating jobs…robbed so many workers…impoverished so many mullions…made so many homeless…caused so much crime…created so many AMERICAN TAX-SLAVES to support foreign wars and to enable career-politicians, foreign-rulers and global-bankers to become filthy rich, as has: the FEDERAL INCOME TAX!

In spite of the above truth, and that all paper-dollars are printed for the mere-cost of paper and ink by the United States Government in any quantity it chooses, most Americans have gullibly swallowed the BIG-LIE that they must pay their “fair share” of income taxes to support “their” government. But being it’s the sole-source of all paper-dollars, which today, are not backed by anything and are not redeemable, the government does not need such taxes! We are being…HAD!!!

If this is true, which it is, then why does the government borrow “dollars” and tax us for repayment?

It is because Congress unlawfully allows twelve private banks to buy ALL of the “dollars” printed by the U.S. Treasury Dept. for less than three cents per $100 bill! Then, they loan the “dollars” (which cost them next to nothing) into circulation and BACK to the government at full face amount plus interest!

This “smoke and mirror” money and power-grab has created a fraudulent national debt and the resulting income-tax for repayment; which is gradually but methodically strangling our economy! But thanks to a centrally-controlled “news” Net-work, it’s a best kept political secret!
The mentioned privately owned banks are the Federal Reserve Banks. Their name is used to deceive the American public into believing these banks are a part of the U.S.A. government, but they definitely are NOT! They operate independent of government, and exist for the unjust enrichment and power of their owners! Yet Congress allows these banks to be excluded from government audits and paying any taxes on their HUGE, UNJUST, MIND-BOGGLING “PROFITS”!!

Even worse, when every “dollar” is loaned into circulation as now in our country—no one really owns any dollars but these banks! And, “…the borrower is the slave of the lender.” Which makes every American a dept-shackled, economic slave of the secretive owners of the Federal Reserve Banks!

Because the impoverishing income-tax has destroyed so many businesses, there are now more paper-shuffling bureaucrats than all of the wealth-producing workers in the remaining American factories! (Wealth is not paper-dollars. Wealth is: necessary products that come from the earth by application of mind and muscle for the sustaining and enjoyment of life.) Big government does not produce wealth. Instead, like an insatiable monster, it steals and consumes wealth created by the labor of builders, farmers, and factory workers; leaving them barely enough to exist on.
On top of this, business taxes are pyramided in the price of every American product; causing American products to cost two to three times more than they would be if their prices were not loaded with hidden taxes. This of course hurts (taxes) the poor the most, and affectively prevents them from escaping their cruel, life-draining entrapment.

Imagine what would happen if there were no “bankster taxes” annually stealing over half of the earnings of your community. Business would BOOM! Prosperity would ZOOM! And poverty would literally VANISH!! Would you like for this to happen? IT CAN IF…a majority of voters could be made AWARE of how they are being used and robbed to vastly enrich a few banksters and their career-politicians. Then, replace their “puppet” career-politicians with LOYAL AMERICANS to issue our money free of debt and interest…the banksters’ income taxes could be ENDED! But to make it HAPPEN, EACH of us without fail MUST INFORM a few others…on and on! So please do your needed part by making copies of this truth and passing it on.

But whatever you do, REMAIL this sheet to someone else.

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