How to explain your enlightenment to those you love - words and ways by Neil Kramer

The Cleaver blog by writer Neil Kramer has developed a focus on matters of human consciousness, esoteric knowledge and spiritual evolution. His concise, intelligent and no nonsense style is mana for those who walk the path of selfhood, gnosis and integrity and find it harder and harder to relate to those with lower consciousness. The difficulty of talking to the people around you, at work or even your family is something that many are finding increasingly difficult to do. Kramer puts words and clarity to your knowing.

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Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink

Some excerpts taken from The Cleaver - stop by and get to know his work.

Can we prove the felt experience of the 4D plane of existence? Can we measure the reality of the life-forms encountered by entheogenically retuning consciousness? Can we substantiate the fact that Illuminist Control System elites are manipulating consensus reality? Can we account for the revelatory flashes of extreme gnosis that spontaneously download into the mind at highly synchronous moments? No, no, no and no. Should we care? No.

Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink 2nd hour - Part 1

For those who seek to expand awareness and distil gnosis to spiritually evolve, time expended in proving a theory is time thrown away into a black hole. Better to spend it crystallizing a vision and testing its lucidity and meaning experientially. There is no better measure.

More than ever, the media you choose to imbibe from the screen should be as thoroughly moderated and scrutinized as if it is food being fed into your mouth.

Stop consuming. Reject hype. Stop watching mainstream news. Educate yourself. Read. Talk. Relax. Connect with and support like-minded souls. Go into nature. Have a big heart and be impeccable in your truth and your integrity. Bring deeper and clearer consciousness into every part of your life. Doing these things undermines the Control System unreality matrix more aggressively than by any other means, both personally and collectively.

Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink 2nd hour - Part 2

The Illuminist labyrinth of conspiracy, black-ops and corporate corruption is a thing, a thing of low vibration. A time-loop of unconsciousness. Not somewhere to dwell in the long term. Giving enduring focus to it will eventually leave you resonating at the same super low levels and it will be a major feat to shake them off. The blade becomes blunt, the vitality fades. Live in Mordor too long and you come out looking like Gollum. Go in, do the reconnaissance and get out.

We know the world government is moving from covert to overt control. No more skulking around in the shadows for them. This time it’s broad daylight in-your-face fascism. Global financial markets are being made to haemorrhage in order for national economies to credibly implode. Then the Control System can implement its mandate of radical centralization. Militarization of key command structures will follow, ushered in by quasi-natural disasters, social unrest and false-flag terror. It's all there in the Control System official broadcasts (mainstream news) every day.

Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink 2nd hour - Part 3

Want to fight the NWO? Unplug from the matrix? Then let nothing be a barrier to your own spiritual growth and transcendence. Work on yourself and be committed. Display the spirit of the impeccable warrior in every moment. Seek wholeness not fragmentation. Understand that the only thing that is real is your conscious experience. Do not resist change. Make change become your change. Outdo them at their own game.

The spiral of creation is not static. It is a living, evolving, emergent system of extreme creativity. Hence, gnosis is a moving target. Walking its path is a nomadic life. When night falls, you pitch your tent. In the morning, you pack it up, put it on your back and start walking again. Don’t pitch it anywhere permanently.
Be the infinite explorer.

Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink 2nd hour - Part 4

17th century philosopher Rene Descartes gave expression to the biggest fallacy of all time when he said, “I think therefore I am.” This is a signpost that points in the wrong direction for those seeking transcendence. We are not the mind. Fundamentally, we are that which does not think. If the ego is in command, thinking is flawed and capricious. It is brain noise. The trick is to observe the mind. Watch it from a distance. In so doing, we recognize that for the mind to be so observed, it cannot therefore be us. This sends a subtle but potent signal to the ego. We are the watcher, timeless and non-local. Pure consciousness emanating from all things. This perspective shift starts to reintegrate fragmented components of the mind and transfers the ego back to the survival department, where ultimately it is much happier.

Greater dimensions of being await. Observe non-attachment. Do not cling to anything, and there shall be no suffering. Easier said than done, some may say, but take the first step. Know in your heart that all is one. Feel the impermanence of all things. Know the indestructibility of your soul. We have chosen to be here now, in this time of revelation, unveiling and transformation. Stand at the centre. You are the change.

Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink 2nd hour - Part 5

In behavioural psychology normal means a lack of significant deviation from the average. It is considered good to be normal and anything else is either a bit weird or just bad. One only has to take a look at the proliferation of reality TV talent shows which encourage viewers to ridicule the outrageous and feel relief at their own normality. This is an amusing concept for those who value genius, creativity, eccentricity, passion and vision. None of these things ever spring from that which is normal. Yet the hive vigorously champions the normal and rewards those who infect themselves with its crass mediocrity and conformity with guarantees of group acceptance and pleasurable distraction.

Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink 2nd hour - Part 6

As has been resonated throughout my work, the imagination plays a crucial role in this whole game. The imagination is a holographic generator. Focussed mainly in the pineal gland (aka the third eye, the acorn, the pinecone, the stargate) and with a permanent uplink to the akashic field (vacuum field, universal consciousness) – it is perhaps the most powerful and amazing piece of hardware we have. Do some research for yourself and discover its mystical significance to the human experience. When the pineal is out of service and dormant (which it usually is), imaginal input derives largely from the lower density perceptions of the audio visual senses. If these are drenched in digital media hogwash, there’s just no bandwidth left to create your own reality. So you create what you watch. Your life becomes an imitation of what your eyes and ears absorb through the TV. Your entire Earth experience injected into you like z-grade backstreet heroin, right into the mainline. No sacred self, no individuality, no power. Understanding this is the key to exposing the Control System agenda.

Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & The Field Uplink 2nd hour - Part 7

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  1. You'll become enlightened if you see that EVERYBODY is special in his own way. It's the ego that makes us think that we're better than others.