John Harris of TPUC blows the lid off public services and corporation scam

John Harris - Freeman on the Land and founder of TPUC has been doing some great work and we reccomend any of his videos.
Some really interesting research on his web site this week regarding public services - thats Local Authorities, County Councils, Fire, Police, Ambulance etc, that are registered as companies and are listed on Dunn and Bradstreet.

The Members of Parliament - a COMPANY?

Please go to Dunn & Bradstreet and on the right hand side you will see a box that say's 'find a Company', type into this box your local Police, Hospital, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Council, Schools etc. Then drop the box below onto 'United Kingdom' and then click on 'FIND'.
Why are they all Companies?

Try your own Public Services in your Country, are they all companies?
A few results for you to look at!

Digging a little deeper into the D&B database TPUC discovers that The Ministry of Defence, a company, is also traded as the B I S. Could this be the Bank for International Settlements?

It is referred to by some as 'The World Central Bank' , 'The Central Bank for Central Banks' and so on. Why is it that after a rudimentary search on DnB and Google can we easily connect the United Kingdom (corporation) Ministry of Defence to the Bank for International Settlements?

Ministry of Defence to the Bank for International Settlements?

A 2 second Google search reveals...
B I S - The Bank for International Settlements

So.. the MOD is trading as the 'Central Bank for Central Banks'. What is going on here?!
For the moment the question is wide open. You can read more about the BIS here and here, and many more sources through Google.

and now a follow up from former Councillor Chris Lees. He asks South Gloucestershire Council about it's Corporate STATUS!

Former councillor and a dear friend Chris Lees decided to look up his local Public Services on Dunne & Bradstreet and was shocked to discover South Gloucestershire Council is a Corporation, so he decided to write to them and ask them some simple questions.

Below is the letter Chris sent to South Gloucestershire Council and their reply, as they seem to have a problem answering Chris's questions they sent Chris a holding letter.

Chris (TPUC researcher) is in the process of putting together a template letter for anyone to use who would like to do the same in regards to their Council and it's Corporate STATUS, this template will be availible soon.

and the reply....

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