Akiane - The Inspired Vision - child prodigy

Akiane Kramarik (akiane means ocean in Russian)

Born underwater at home, on July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois, to the atheistic Lithuanian stay-at-home mother, and an American father, chef and dietary manager.

  • Lived in Illinois, Missouri, Colorado and Idaho, experiencing poverty and affluence.

  • Having attended both public and private schools, now is home-schooled with her four brothers, Delfini 16, Jean Lu 14, Ilia 5 years old and Aurelius, her new baby brother.

  • Began drawing at 4, and painting at 6, teaching herself and learning mostly from her own keen observation and study.

  • Speaks four languages: Lithuanian,Russian, English and Sign Language.

  • At 4, had a life-changing spiritual transformation, bringing the family to God.

  • At age 7 began writing poetry and aphorisms.

  • Her poems often arrive fully conceived.

  • The inspiration for her art and literature comes from her visions, dreams, observations of people, nature and God.

  • Paints from imagination, reference materials and models.

  • Favorite size canvases: 48 x 60 inches.

  • Considers her style: Akianism - a universal blend of realism andimaginism.

  • Wants people to find hope in her paintings.

  • Has the same goal with each painting: to be inspiration for others and to be the gift to God.

  • Favorite medium: acrylics for full figures, and oil paints for large portraits.

  • Rises at 4 a.m. five-six days a week to get ready to paint in the studio and write; works for about 4-5 hours each day.

  • Often works over a hundred to two hundred hours on a painting, producing 8 to 20 paintings a year.

Akiane at Oprah Winfrey Show
  • Usually makes many sketches before painting.

  • Works on one painting at a time.

  • Favorite subject: people and spiritual subjects.

  • Has "start-to-finish" demonstration videos of her painting.

  • Favorite activities and hobbies: art, poetry, piano, reading and helping people.

  • Likes about herself: "sensitivity to people".
      Akiane Art Gallery - click on the image below

    • Does not like about herself: "impatience".

    • Assesses her own character:"daring heart and cautious mind".

    • Her biggest wish:"that everyone would love God and one another".

    • Her life goal: to share her love for God and people around the world.

    Interview with Akiane, age 12.

    Official webpage: http://www.artakiane.com/

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