Who was Walter Russell?

Who was Walter Russell?

Walter Russell (1871–1963) was an American polymath best known for his achievements in painting, sculpture, architecture, and for his controversial unified theory in physics and cosmogony. He posited that the universe was founded on the unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange.

This physical theory, laid out primarily in his books "The Secret of Light" and "The Message of the Divine Iliad", continues to be rejected by mainstream academia. This is mainly due to the fact that scientists assume the existence of matter and Dr. Russell assumes the existence of mind.

Conical spheres based on Walter Russell and found in the archives of the University of Science and Philosophy.

The above conical spheres illustrate the LIFE-DEATH principle.
The "give and regiving" of nature.

Quote from Violinio Germain from Phoenix Journal #32, I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, Secrets of Universal Order; Eternal Quest of Man; Pleiades Connection vol. III, page 202 and 203.

"The human race can never become ascendand until it is fully aware of God Presence within Man and all things, as it is aware of objective things. The brotherhood of Man Idea can never come into its full meaning, and practice, till that new day of enlightenment.

God dind't wait until today to bring forth the word again. There was a book written in May of 1921 wgich contains the same words in meaning as given 2,000 years ago and are being given again this day. You will find THE DIVINE ILIAD a most insightful and wondrous book of TRUTH. It was written via a messenger directly from the Source which tells man where to find God. Here are a few of the words of one of the Messages:

"For behold: I am within all things centering them. And I am without all things controlling them."

"I center My universe as My knowing. My universe encircles me as My thinking."

These words were written to inform a newly dawning Age that the nucleus of the atom is the still Magnetic Light of God, the Creator of the atom, and that the atom is the electrically dicided pair of moving lights which manifest His thinking." End quote

Reading from Divine Illiad

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