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Fri July 30th, 1993 9 :05 A.M Year 6, Day 348
Phoenix Journal -- Truth and Consequences -- Relative connections Vol. III
Chapter 5 Page 64/65/66

Is it Worth it?

Is ¨What¨ worth it ? Freedom ? Truth ? Another’s life ? Another’s soul ? How about the price of Gold ? How about your own life ? What has meaning ? Chelas, everything is relative and certainly, worthy of note if for no other reason than God gave you ¨thinking ¨ capacity. What are the differences in special beliefs? I ask this for all of the many of you who are adrift in what to say when people question.
Why? I see so many of you taking on the responsibility of seeing to it that somehow the world and all in it needs your input to SAVE it somehow. It is your responsibility to offer that which you have and believe – NO MORE !!
Others have come to believe that which they believe by prior training or information offered in some manner – no child was born with MAN-CONCLUDED DOCTRINES , EACH HOWEVER , IS BORN WITH GOD WITHIN AND IF NO TAMPERING IS DONE THE LAWS OF GOD ARE SIMPLY PRESENT !

Here now, however, is where you are more gifted and released than are others from the bindings of the ¨doctrines¨. There is nothing here that says ¨go forth and cram this down another’s throat¨ and ¨ save his soul¨. If you are doing that, my friends, your OWN soul is in a predicament.

It will be enough if YOU live your life in such a way as to example that which YOU WOULD CAUSE THEM TO BE AND ACT . ACCEPT ONLY INTEGRITY FROM THOSE ONES IN YOUR EMPLOY BUT PLACE NO BINDINGS ON ANOTHERS BELIEFS AND SOUL – MOST ESPECIALLY IF THEY BE OF INTEGRITY AND BASIC GOODNESS . Let us speak a moment of a ¨RAPTURE¨ as a for instance. What mean you by ¨rapture¨ ?
It is NOT in the Bible from which you seem to get your OTHER material for basing belief. Most people, however, do not think about i tat all. It is accepted because some Biblical teacher said it is so. Certainly there WILL be some sort of saving vehicle as offered by God unto HIS people. The WRONG conception is that you can continue in all the worldly ways of misdeeds, immorality and still expect to get hoisted off in the twincle of an eye unto some nice unsecure clouds. The Master Christos (God) WILL BE IN THE SKY WHERE THE CLOUDS ¨ARE ¨-- NOT SITTING OR STANDING ON THE VAPOURS .
But, beautiful chelas, be not in judgement of WHO will make it and who will not. Some, such as some of your immediate loved ones will be secure simply to relieve YOU of immediate load when your duty time is at hand. This is a very physical job in a physical format. Yours is to do the best you can to offer material for consideration – you need push no further, lest you assume the very role which is left unto God as his OWN.
I come not to debate or argue – or save anyone’s soul except by desire he would hear Truth and find his own way. This is why we have NO CHURCHES or ¨congregations¨.

Yes you all need more discussion and sharing of spiritual recognitions—but that is not for us to thrust upon anyone. If ones wish or ask to come and share their own special truth – we shall most certainly welcome them. If their journey be toward God and not intent of locking into the human physical prison – we are indeed blessed. If theirs is to effort to pull you away into the multitude of approaches to that which is not of God – you must be fortified with Truth and KNOWING and you shall have no problem with anyone or anything you meet in confrontation of ¨reason¨.
We have one this day whom we hope will share with us. Is he really what he says he is – OF COURSE – FOR IF A MAN BELIEVES, THAT IS WHAT AND WHO HE IS ! Will his prophecies be ALL ? Unto all ? No, no more than will MINE be unto all a conclusion of righteousness. I can and will tell you this much – God has sent the visions unto this one – and they match those which are flowing to others of God’s vision recievers. Pay attention for what have you lost if you be prepared ? NOTHING – but if these ones speak truth and are accurate, you ones don’t have much longer to piddle around ! You can see the signs of Revelation all about you – how foolish the child that can see the train bearing down upon him and defies his mother who also sees but cannot help in time – and stands there to be hit and slain. WE ARE THE MESSENGERS . That by definition means that WE BRING MESSAGES and, in this instance, FROM GOD according to HIS instructions and he who wants to see and hear is granted his freedom. So be it.

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