What? Who? When? Where?

Some people have no idea what is going on in the world.

If you tell them something like "9/11 was an inside job", they say: "What???" and then they stare at you with big eyes wondering who you are. You may very gently tell them that there are documentaries about 9/11 that indicates that it was an inside job. You may mention a film called Loose Change that over hundred million people has seen. If you mention the fact that the media is controlled you would surely make them flip. Remember that most people LOVE the TV and you should not say anything negative about that precious little box. "If it ain't on TV it ain't true".

On the other hand, if you have seen some documentaries you would perhaps ask......

People that are asking Who? have perhaps seen some documentaries about The Federal Reserve Bank, 9/11, Zeitgeist or maybe they have listened to Ron Paul? They may have seen some of the youtube videos about UFO cover ups, the monetary system (fractional banking), the original 13th amendment, etc. They KNOW something is going on, but the don't know exactly WHO is behind it. Some of the people belonging to this category believe it is Bush and if they vote for Obama it will all be good again. Some believe the political system is screwed up. But they dont know WHO or WHOM is behind all this. They are familiar with names such as; New World Order, Illuminati, Skulls & Bones, Club of Rome, etc. But they still don't know exactly who is "the Cancer".

Some people know what and who. They know also about the plan for world domination.

These people have seen many documentaries AND they have read many books. They have a pretty clear picture of the Adversary (or Satan if you like). They have a clear picture of our TRUE history and how this all came about. These people has spend many, many hours searching for the truth and they have now a good picture about who it is, what they have done, what they are doing, but they don't know exactly when these people will "push the button". Wow, wait a minute here.... what button? Well, who knows what button we are talking about... it can be The button, the red one you know, WWIII, or it could be the button meaning people had enough, or it could be the button where they deliberately (remember 1929) make the economy crash, or, or, or.... who knows WHEN they will push it? It seems they have pushed the "economical button" already. More buttons are to be pushed. For sure. This is just the beginning...

Where is help? Where is God. Why don't God just fix it for us? Many people pray for help. Sorry, God will not work for you, only with you. It is a huge difference. Who is the leader that leads us out of this misery? YOU ARE THE LEADER! It is YOU that need to educate yourself. You have (and me and all of us) allowed this CANCER to develop and you/we can stop it. The medicine is called Knowledge. First, I didn't believed that only knowledge could stop this, but after I gained the knowledge I understood how it works. So, what about spending a little less time watching movies? Less time shopping? Less time focusing on trivial things and MORE time learning about the Truth? How about that?

The alternative is simple: SLAVERY

Don't know where to go? Where to start? What to do? If you ask us, the guys behind this blog, we would recommend that you start educating yourself. There are many places where to find Truth. We highly recommend the Phoenix Journals. Unfortunately their official website is down (again) right now but we will give you some alternative websites below where you can find the Journals and the Contact Newsletters:

http://www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com/ (official website)
http://www.fourwinds10.com/journals/index.html (N.B. We do not approve of the NESARA or any of the other "stuff" that is available via this website)

Why is the site not operative? Because many of the Journals are banned by the US government. Oops! Free speech? And from time to time the site is mysteriously shut down.

Truth will set you free! Salu!


  1. Today I had to realize it once again: Everybody just looks after himself. And the few people who don't get exploited by the rest.

  2. There are thousands and thousands of Lightworkers all over the globe spreading Love and Truth to the ones that are awake.

    The "sleeping" or "cement people" are still following the adversary and they have yet to wake up. But many are the ones that screams out in desperate attempt to awake the sleeping ones.

    Gladly, more and more a awakening every day. Please read the blog post called The Awakening; http://virtualworld360.blogspot.com/2008/09/awakening.html