Violinio Germain about Love, Fear and the Universe

In the heart of every man is the desire for love - for happiness, peace and prosperity. In the hearts of nations of men is the One-World desire for international unity. This is why it is so easy to sell the lies unto humanity for the desire for unity is so strong and each perceives that "another" must have the answer to accomplishment of this unity. Universal Brotherhood is the ultimate world-goal. How far are you from that goal? The distance is far ahead for the human race. Its distance is measurable only by the yardstick of LOVE, and love has not yet entered the doorway of human relations, and will not until unity opens the door for it to come in. You tout the words and you have your little gatherings and big gatherings and pronounce the incorrect assumptions and then go forth and practice that which is NOT love but physical manifestations of projections of would-be controllers. You go out and effort to MAKE-LOVE and that is NOT LOVE. THAT IS PHYSICAL MISUSE OF THE PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF GOD-GIFT IN MOST INSTANCES RESULTING IN MORE GROSS MISPERCEPTIONS AND ILL-BEGOTTEN ACTIONS.

Unity means Oneness. Unity balances the mate-hood of all pairs of people and equalizes their transactions in giving and regiving. Civilization has not yet progressed to the point where unity, through the giving and regiving of Love, can even be comprehended by more than a few of Man's millions of beings.

Man's greatest lesson is to learn how to give. You are still in the barbarian age of TAKING - of even taking life from before birth to snuffing out of the aged. The spiritual Age is dawning, however. Its doors are slightly ajar, but that is all, for your World-House is erected upon the sands of disunity and the thrust is to further scatter and separate you. The product of disunity is FEAR. A house divided against itself by disunity and fear must fall. Peace, happiness and prosperity cannot enter a divided house of fear.

If you now ask when peace, happiness and prosperity will come again to Man, I say to you that it will come when the Light of Love unites all Men as ONE, and that shall come to pass only when Man ceases to create FEAR. So, brothers, how far do YOU think Mankind is from finding direction and unity? The entire thrust of the Elite would-be rulers is to tear you apart THROUGH TERROR AND FEAR!

The time has come in Man's unfolding when he should have more knowledge of the nature of this electric universe of motion. He has never truly known it, for he has but sensed its shadow. The real meaning of substance has never been known by Man for that which it is. He only knowns it for WHAT HE SENSES IT TO BE.

Actually you live in two universes - the invisible zero universe of CAUSE, and the visible universe of EFFECT. You have sensed the EFFECT and believed in its realty. You have never yet come to know the universe of CAUSE. It is time that you begin to KNOW God's invisible universe which is in absolute control of the visible universe. Man will never solve the riddle of the universe until he fully knows and comprehends the zero universe which he can in no way hear or see. He can know it, however, and in so knowing he can, likewise, know God. He can even prove the fact of the omnipresent God in his laboratory. Nor shall man ever solve the riddle of his own self - his own Identity, until he, himself, is as eternal as God is eternal. When Man knows that he is Mind and that his body is his Mind-Creation, as the whole universal body is the Mind-Creation of God, he will then know what the consummate mystic of two thousand years ago meant when He said: "I and My Father are ONE".

Violinio Germain
Pleiades Connection III, page 200-201. Monday, June 24, 1991.

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