Inspiration is the language of light which man uses to talk with God. Inspiration is that deep awareness of the consciousness of Being which differentiates the genius or mystic from the being of average intelligence.

Inspiration in man is accompanied by an intense mental ecstasy which is characteristic of all who become intensely conscious of their closeness to God.
Inspired geniuses forget their bodies while deeply conscious of their existence as wholly Mind. Their bodies, thus forgotten, act almost automatically in obedience to instinct and cell memory reflexes - just as Dharma responds through reflex movements of her fingers as I dictate data. She is totally aware of the consciousness of Being in my presence as well as receiving intonations for translation. Is she a genius? Who cares? She is in service and her service is unto God/Creator/Creation - and brother being. Moreover, greatness and genius are often utilized as sameness - nay, nay - not so. Although there is little discernible difference in one who is great and a genius.

This is not relative to intelligence or education as in the "great genius" of Mans ego projections. The one desires to be as a humble servant - the other wishes control through his prowess and self perceived greatness. One is so humbled by the presence of God in that which they seemingly "produce" that they are selfless - the other is "self" orientated and most often deletes God totally from the equation.

Inspired geniuses translate Gods knowing into words for man for the soul of man. They uplift all mankind by reinspiring all who listen to the ecstatic words and rhythms. He who attunes his heart to the message of genius purifies himself.

No impurity can there be in his heart for verily he then is in communion with the Holy ONE.

8:53 A.M YEAR 4, DAY 280
Pleiades Connection Vol. II
Journal Number 31
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