57 mins to Cosmic conscousness-Enlightenment & Ascension

Outside of mainstream music there exists special music & tones that help fine tune your mind & body and bring balance and peace. This music has evolved for approximately 10 years. By meditating on a candle flame, a drop of water or similar seed shape this music came forth.

Key Features:
DNA Activation
Ascension Neurolgy
A natural biofeedback system
Promoting Cosmic conscousness-Enlightenment & Ascension

It is 57 minutes long and has been created by pure guitar (3 playing at once).

I put the full tune on YouTube so at some level it can be felt & experienced by everyone although the quality here is lower than CD @ 22KHz.

I am working on a DVD-Audio quality version that is 6 times higher quality than CD. I may not be able to finish it because I recently had an injury to my guitar fingering hand.

I believe I have come to aquire this sacred music, art & knowledge not because the Earth is going through a shift or change of frequency but this is a time when billions of people are here contributing ideas, creating technologies such as for recording music & because there are many people that are seeking solutions to end all kinds suffering/problems at a time we need it most. This is when people like myself take a step back from it all and go on a personal inner quest inside to find answers. The other aspect is that we live in a culture that can choose or discover what is real rather than being forced or frightened into s-lower thinking/feeling.

What is the purpose of Ascension? My own understanding is this; it is similar to a vacation whereby anytime in the future you may decide to again become corporeal. It is a vacation from the struggling in life of death, disease & s-lower thinking/feeling. Personally I feel that there isn't one being/spirit/soul that hasn't yet Ascended in their infinite existence which also means you have embodied many other different beings and now as a human you might consider Extra Terrestrial.

Since this music is more in line with Ascension engineering & Chakra/meridian Cleansing, I have another melody that I will upload later entitled "Spirit Flight". The Spirit Flight melody I believe strongly is Ascension Activation where all your key meridians/Chakras turn on and you will hear what I call "Ascension Pulse". This pulse signals a pulsation within the body (from my experience) starting below your lungs expanding up into your throat area. The pulse & warmth will eventually expand your entire being.

Recently discovered, this music naturally contains 2 specific & popular healing technologies -learn more visit his web site: Accelerated Artistic Development or his excellent you tube page, Ascension Series for further videos

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