By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Quoting from chapter 2:


This is an edited transcription of a lecture taped April 23, 1988. The information is valid and, if anything, more easily recognized today – Hatonn.

I will be utilizing this information again when I speak of economics, but for now, I will modify from the audio tape to save time and repetition.

Let us call the group which has elaborate, and successful, plans to rule your nation (America) and your world, the Internationalists. When I refer to the Internationalists I am referring to a very elite group of about twelve to thirteen “families”. These “families” hold your “purse strings” - the zipper and lock, to all the bags of money in your world. Sound impossible? Nay, it is not only possible, it is extremely easy to visualize after I have explained it to you.

As I move along, I will give you some names and places whereby you can check it out on an individual basis. I wish never to place any human at risk, however, so in all instances I will only refer to those already having come forth with “public” statements or information.

I will also have to explain a few terms used to have any sense of continuity. Therefore, as we move along, forgive me of any digression in attempt to give definition, i.e., “fractional banking”.

First, you must fully come into understanding that there truly ARE the elite few, with plans well foundationed and functioning, who control all peoples of the world. Do not err in your thoughts by thinking I am speaking of “someone else in the world”, I speak more for the United States of America than I do of the remainder of your world.

As I pull portions of the puzzle together for this document I shall again be referring to such groups as The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderbergers. Forgive me if I am repetitious. I may need to be repetitious in order to fit the pieces in proper perspective.

You must know that there are certain families (literally) that control the hard currency. The countries wherein these families abide are known as hard currency countries. These thirteen families have control of the policy making and the decision making of the central banks of those countries. They are owners, these families, of the majority of the stock of the regional banks of the Federal Reserve System. “Federal Reserve” would indicate to the more uninformed, that this is a Federal Government Branch. This is untrue, the Federal Reserve System is NOT a branch of your federal government. Just as these families control the regional banks of the Federal Reserve System, they also control the currencies that are not allowed to fluctuate. Note here that the American dollar is the standard against which all other currency is measured. All other nations are affected according to the changing values of the dollar. Not only do these families control the currencies, but they likewise control the banks. This, friends, is in all the leading nations of your world.

For ease of understanding, let us just consider the industrialized nations at this point. I will also need to explain fractional banking to you, because without understanding the lending system you cannot get the picture properly. All of the banks under control of these families practice fractional banking – and beyond – (sometimes there is no hard money present at all). But, let us explain by example on a personal level.


This is actually referred to as fractional “reserve” banking. Lenders are allowed to loan a maximum of up to 20 to one. This is perfectly legal, practiced by every lending institution in America and elsewhere.

Example: Mr. A goes to his friendly banker, Mr. B, and deposits one thousand dollars ($1,000) into Mr. B's bank. Mr. B's bank is a Savings and Loan so Mr. A puts the $1,000 into his own savings account. The Savings and Loan is required by your laws, to keep only 5% in reserve. They are allowed to loan out 95% of the money invested or 95% of that which is placed into the savings accounts. This means of $1,000 there is $950 which is available to be loaned out. In turn the Savings and Loan takes the $950 and loans it to Mr. C to do some home repairs, let us say. This gentleman takes his borrowed $950 and goes to the local hardware/lumber company and purchases supplies, lumber, nails, etc.

The lumber company carries on regular banking and therefore, he goes to his bank with the $950 for deposit, to Bank D. Bank D is now required to keep 5% but can loan out 95% which would be $902.50. Bank D now loans out that to Mr. X who in turns filters it back to the economy, let us suppose, through the grocery store and other business stores. He spends it and now we are going to have that money end up in the Bank Z. Bank Z is required to keep 5%. That means that Bank Z can loan out $857.37. It is again loaned and filtered back to the economy. This is continued right down to zero. With your $1,000 deposit those bankers using fractional reserve banking are now allowed to loan out $20,229.60. This is practiced by EVERY lending institution in America and elsewhere. The amounts above do not include “interest” on the money borrowed, only the principal amount.

You must now keep it in mind that this results in an increase in the money supply through the Federal Reserve System. Your “big boys” simply turn up the speed of your money presses and run them a little faster and faster in order to pump more into the economy just to boost up the fractional reserve banking. Let me remind you to keep in mind that the thirteen families control all of the hard currencies of the world and are allowed to practice this fractional reserve banking – this will be important as we move along.”

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