More than 40 per cent of all billionaires in America today are Jewish.

America has seen a huge transfer of wealth to the Zionist Jews on a personal level, on a national level.

If more than 40 per cent of the billionaires in the US today were Norwegian and the average US citizen were on their knees, people would be asking: what’s up with the Norwegians?

If there were Norwegian banks on Wall Street getting trillions from the government, they’d be asking: what’s so special about Norwegians?

If there were Norwegian Fed Reserve governors and Treasury secretaries and America has a 65 trillion dollar debt, they’d be asking: what’s going on with this group?

If American troops were in Sweden, Denmark and Finland fighting “Artic terrorists” on behalf of Norway, they’d be saying: hey wait a minute.

If Norwegians controlled 70 per cent of the media and rolled out a bigmedia campaign condemning anyone who put two and two together as racist and anti Scandinavian, they’d be laughed at.

America is being robbed, beaten and destroyed by a vicious crime gang - and it’s not from Norway.

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  1. Why are you spreading these hate messages? You haven't understood the message of Jessica Mystic.

  2. Dear Carina,
    What hate message? I don't see hate anywhere on this post. Facts are facts - which facts do you not agree with? or was it the humour that upset you?
    Love and light

  3. Dear Fraser,
    to blame it on the jews or any other part of the population is not exactly an act of love. Think about the result you'll get with it - hate towards this group. Where do you want to lead the people once they bought into it? What are your goals? Hate and darkness or love and light? Hate seeds hate and love seeds love. The sources where you got the information from are not objective, they just try to make propaganda for right wing extremism. It's a shame that the truth movement and the New Age movement got infiltrated by this dirt. What we call truth is what we want to believe = what our ego dictates us. An ego which loves to escape from reality/ challenges... is that what you'd call absolute truth?

  4. Dear Carina,
    Thanks for your comment. I note you have not mentioned the word Zionist in your comments. I have left links at the bottom of the post that define the group in question.
    This bait and switch is relatively easy to figure out in comparison to some of the newer stuff they have hoodwinked the world with.
    I would suggest researching Zionism and Zionist Jews either from my sources or from others.
    Define and know your enemy is stage one, then as they say, the truth will set you free.
    Love and light,

  5. Dear Fraser,
    It doesn't make any difference if you call them zionists or semites or jews or whatever. In every folk you'll find rich and poor. It's not a question to which folk/religion you belong, it's a question of personality. Some blame it on the afro-americans, some on the jews, some on the gypsies, some on the communists, some on the christians, be aware, one day they might blame it on you!
    It's so much easier to blame it on a minority than to combat the relevant causes: greed, egoism, separation and the resulting consumerism and capitalism.

  6. In forming any picture from the myriads of pieces of a picture puzzle - you must first sort the pieces. This requires knowledge - in TRUTH. Lies will not make heads and tails of the WAY IT IS! It is time to SEE and HEAR that which IS. You cannot turn into the spiritual journey unless you recognize that which has come about in your physical expression and the limitations being increased as we speak - to break the bonds, you must come to see God and the anti-God in full reflection.

  7. Norway is a very anti-semitic country so I am not surprised, reading between the lines, to see your racially slurred comments toward the Jews. This is not very pleasing to God, and you need to repent and ask for forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord.