Meditation and protection

White Light of Protection

This meditation has been used as a spiritual protection technique for at least 2 centuries that I am aware of. It has been used by magicians, alchemists, sorcerers, spiritualists, spiritual healers, and by the psychics and shaman of all cultures. It is the best way that I know of to protect you during any and every kind of spiritual, occult and/or psychic endeavor. It can be used for protection from the influence of anyone or anything negative, including demonic, evil, and negative spirits AND people! It has been used for protection from all forms of psychic attack and black witchcraft. It also can be used for healing, as a similar technique has been used by many hospitals for the purpose of cancer patients doing healing meditations.
FIRST -- You need to find a time and a place in which you will be undisturbed. If that means taking the phone off the hook, then do that. If you are at work, then go into the bathroom for a couple of minutes and do this very quick and easy meditation. This will only take a 2 or 3 short minutes. Then sit down and make yourself comfortable. Put your feet flat on the floor and let your hands rest on your lap, with the palms facing up. (Or you can sit on the floor in the Lotus position, if you prefer)

SECOND -- Place your thumb and index finger, or your thumb and middle finger, together. This is the east Indian position called "mudra" and has been shown in laboratory testing to actually make a connection in the brain that induces a relaxed feeling and light level of meditative trance.

THIRD -- Take 3 SLOW deep breaths, making each breath out longer than the breath in before it. ... Then ... imagine White Light coming down from above and entering your body through the top of your head. ... See and feel this White Light filling every part of your body and mind. ... Make it real with the power of your mind. ... See any dark places and spaces that might be within you fill with that White Light. .... See it .... feel it .... sense it..... This might take a few minutes the first few times you try it. As you keep doing it more and more it will take less and less time, until it takes just a few seconds to do .... When you see or sense your body AND your mind totally and completely filled with the White Light, then see a little bit of it coming out of your body through your solar plexus, just above your belly button ... and then see it surrounding your body like you are surrounded in a protective eggshell of positive White Light. ... This White Light is God-energy and it will cleanse and protect you.... KNOW that you are totally protected.... KNOW that you are totally protected....

OPTIONAL *** When you see yourself with the White Light filling you completely and surrounding you completely, you might want to extend that White Light out from you and fill your home or living space with it. To do that, see or sense that White Light again coming from you at your solar plexus, and extending out from you in the form of a cord or rope. See and/or sense that White Light filling and surrounding your home, or filling and surrounding your loved ones. Know that you and they are protected. I know of no other protection technique you can do that will change your life to the positive and protect you against any and all negative energies, seen and unseen, more than this one. There is no single spiritual practice I've ever learned of during my 35 years of metaphysical, spiritual and psychic education that can have this same effect.

Now go and practice this White Light Protection Meditation technique. Make it a part of your daily routine for 30 days. You will feel uplifted and renewed. Some of my clients have even reported that after a few weeks of daily practice, they have contacted their guides or deceased loved ones during their practice of this meditation. And don't worry if you have trouble visualizing the Light. Some people just aren't visually oriented. It's all right as long as you can sense it in some way, whether it's something that you seem to hear, or simply a "feeling" or just a sense of "knowingness." Your mind, your Inner Being, and your spirit guides know what you are doing. Try if for a MINIMUM of 30 days. It can only do good for you.

Silver Violet Flame Meditation

I AM means God Presense within

I AM a being of Silver Violet Fire
I Am the purity that God desires
Beloved I Am presence Bright
Round me seal your tube of Light
From ascended Master's Flame
Called Froth now in God's on name
Let it keep my Temple Free
From All Discord sent to me

I call froth the Silver Violet Flame
To Blaze & transmute all desire
Keeping on in Freedom's name
Till I am One with the Silver Violet Flame

I Am the Silver Violet Flame
in acting in me now
I Am the Silver Violet Flame
To Light Alone I Bow
I Am the Silver Violet Flame
In Mighty Cosmic Power
I Am God's Bright Light
Shining every Hour
I Am the Silver Violet Flame
Blazing Like the Sun
I Am God's Great Power
Freeing Everyone!

Use this meditation to protect you and attune you to the higher vibrations of
the Divine Spirit.Repeat it three times in the morning and again three times in the evening.Can be used in moments of crisis to protect .
In moments of crisis use this meditation standing in the crucifix position with hands palm up and head tilted slightly upwards.This will magnify the results of the meditation.Regular use of this meditation will increase your spiritual energy .Always use before any psychic work .The better you are able to imagine each aspect of it the stronger the result.Be safe and grow in Spirit.

Thanks to Deborah Anna of Psychic Insights

Paintings by Akiane Indigo child

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  1. Yoga (Application) which was based on the control of the body physically and implied that a perfect control over the body and the senses led to knowledge of the ultimate reality. A detailed anatomical knowledge of the human body was necessary to the advancement of yoga and therefore those practising yoga had to keep in touch with medical knowledge. (Romila Thapar, A History of India, volume one).

    I suggest : Mind and brain are two distinct things. Brain is anatomical entity whereas mind is functional entity. Mind can be defined as the function of autonomic nervous system (ANS). It is claimed that mind can be brought under conscious control through the practice of meditation. But how? ANS is largely under hypothalamic control which is situated very close to optic chiasma (sixth chakra or ajna chakra). Protracted practice of concentration to meditate at this region brings functions of ANS say mind under one’s conscious control.

    ANS is further divided into parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS). On the basis of these facts I have discovered a mathematical relationship for spiritual quotient (S.Q.). Spiritual Quotient can be expressed mathematically as the ratio of Parasympathetic dominance to Sympathetic dominance. PSNS dominates during meditative calm and SNS dominates during stress. In this formula we assign numerical values to the physiological parameters activated or suppressed during autonomic mobilization and put in the formula to describe the state of mind of an individual and also infer his/her level of consciousness.

    Meditation is the art of looking within and science of doing nothing. We don’t use anything in meditation. We just try to concentrate to meditate at some point in human anatomy known as ‘chakra’ in Indian System of Yoga. The current of mind is flowing outward through the senses and unconsciously. The mind comes at rest gradually through regular practice of meditation. Then comes self realization and enlightenment. Protracted practice of meditation under qualified guidance will help to manage all sort of psychological problems.

    Emotional Quotient can also be expressed mathematically as the product of I.Q. and Wisdom Factor. E.Q. stands for Emotional Quotient. An intelligent person may not be wise. But a wise man will always be intelligent. An intelligent person having certain level of positive emotions can be said as wise. An intelligent person lacking wisdom will turn autocrat. A wise man will always be a democrat who respects others existence.

    Some may raise doubt that how could be the Wisdom quantified? The answer is simple -if Mental Age of I.Q. can be quantified then Wisdom can also be quantified, of course, comparatively with more efforts. Wilhelm Stern had given the formula of I.Q.. It is, Mental Age/ Chronological Age x 100. Spiritual Quotient (S.Q.) leverages both E.Q. and I.Q.

    Radha Soami Faith is a branch of Religion of Saints like Kabir, Nanak, Paltu, and others. Soamiji Maharaj is the founder of this Faith. You may call It like New Wine in Old Bottle.

    Maslow has given Hierarchy of Needs. At the top of it is need for self-actualization or self-realization.

    In our society we should learn To Live and Let Live and help to satisfy others need. When the lower order needs, physiological and sociological both, are satisfied then only a person think to satisfy need for self-realization in true sense. Else he/she may spend all his/her life to satisfy at the most the need for self-expression instead of self-realization.

    It is, therefore, the duty of every responsible person, at the least, of our society to give serious thought over it.

    For the satisfaction of need for self-realization i.e. establishment of harmony of individual consciousness with that of universal consciousness we need following three things:

    1. Mater or Guru (A Self-Realized Soul)
    2. Secret of Levels of Universal Consciousness
    3. Method for traversing the path.

    Anirudh Kumar Satsangi