The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations

Science has recognized that everything that moves and vibrates from the sub-atom, atom to the smallest molecule present in the universe produce some kind of sound.
The Universe is a vast musical instrument that is in constant state of vibration.

Harmonic Sounds and vibrations are tools for a transformation that creates and arrange realities. The Masaru Emoto Institute were able to take pictures of some beautiful crystal patterns after subjecting distilled water to the sounds of "The Power of Harmonic Sound and Vibrations", ( an 8 track CD see link at bottom)

At the Masaru Emoto laboratory they have been freezing various kinds of water and observing their crystals.

First Chakra: MULADHARA

Musical Tone of C

1. Root Chakra.
Musical Tone "C" (DO) 396Mh = 9
Color: Red
Element: Earth.
Base of the Spine - Energizes the whole physical body and affects general physical vitality and needs.

Second Chakra : Svadhistana

Musical Tone of D
2. Reproductive or Sex Chakra.
Musical Tone "D" (Re) 417Mh = 3
Color: Orange,
Element: Water.
Sexual Organs; Bladder and legs. Lower or Physical Creative Centre, Sexuality and Emotions.

Third Chakra: MANIPURA

Musical Tone of E
3. Solar Plexus Chakra.
Musical Tone "E" (Mi) 528Mh = 6
Color: Yellow,
Element: Fire.
Diaphragm: pancreas, liver, stomach, large and small intestines and other internal organs.
Acts as an Energy Clearing House Centre, Power and Vitality.

Fourth Chakra: ANAHATA

Musical Tone of F
4. Heart Chakra.
Musical Tone "F" (Fa) 639Mh = 9
Color: Emerald Green,
Element: Air.
Center of the Chest, Heart, Thymus Gland, Circulatory System and Lungs. The Energy Centre of Love.

Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra

Musical Tone of G.

5. Throat Chakra.
Musical Tone "G" (Sol) 741Mh = 3
Color: Blue,
Element:Sound & Air.
Center of the Throat, Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands, and the Lymphatic System.
The Center of Communication, Expression and Creativity.

Sixth Chakra: Ajna, or Third Eye

Musical Tone of A.

6. Third Eye and Ajna Chakra.
Musical Tone "A" (La) 852Mh = 6
Color: Indigo,
Element: Light.
Between the Eyebrows and Center of the Head, Pituitary Gland and Endocrine Glands.
Control the other major chakras.
Center of Intuition.

Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra, SAHASRARA
Musical Tone of B.
7. Crown Chakra.
Musical Tone "B" (Si) =9
Color: Violet,
Element: Ether & Thoughts. Crown or Top of the Head, Control the Brain and Pineal Gland,
The Center of Understanding, Ethereal Evolution and Enlightment.

All sounds together

The sound “Aum” represents the light and sound of all matter. Intoning the sacred sound of “Aum” help the charkas to expand and harmonize consciousness into Divine Oneness. It is an universal and powerful healing mantra that creates, gives life and movement to all that exists…

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thanks to:
The Healing forces
I.H.M Research Institute
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  1. Nice connection to the snowflakes :) Did you ever try to produce them?

  2. Hi Carina, No I have not tried but check out Masaru Emotos work. I posted recently on his amazing stuff, check out the videos of water crystals exposed to different national anthems, very interesting.


    I'm sticking post it notes to my bottled water now with messages of love, peace, harmony, balance etc as we are made up mostly of water and the theory goes that DNA is our receptor/transmitter and the water that surrounds our DNA is the amplifier.

    Love light sound and vibrations to you

  3. The idea of vibrations transported by water probably comes from the Bach flower remedies... But how do you think it could go from the notes into the water?

  4. Hi Carina,
    I have not looked into Bach flowers.

    According to current science, all matter is created through vibrations created by different frequencies of sound, all matter resonates with its own vibrational frequency.
    The Earth, for example, had a frequency of 7.8 called the Schuman resonance or the Earth's heartbeat. Its interesting to note that this has increased over the last 10 years to around 12 and is expected to reach 13 by 2012, following the sequence of the Fibonacci numbers (the Golden Ratio).
    So as a particular frequency hits water it rearranges the hydrogen bonds in a particular way that is unique to that frequency. Hence the water crystal photos of Emoto or the different designs created in the science of Cymatics.
    Much work is being done in this area and it has great implications in the world of health and healing, check out this post and let me know if you felt any effect after watching the video.


    Cymatics and sacred geometry hold the secrets of the universe!

    Ill be posting more on this subject soon.
    Love light and good vibrations to you!

  5. Hi Fraser, I've watched this interesting video and I think it's a little overloaded, it sends out too many signals/info at once, causing too many symptoms. I need some time to sort it all out and to understand it. C.

  6. Just another thing, I still believe that our unconscious contains all the answers we don't know yet ... What we perceive is a product of our conscious mind, thus there can't exist any laws outside us which don't exist inside us as well.

  7. Hi Carina,
    I totally agree with you:

    "there can't exist any laws outside us which don't exist inside us as well."

    Or I might express it as; as within without or the unified field theory, or fractal mathematics or quantum consciousness.

    I just posted on the movie "what the bleep" its been out for a while but I only saw it recently.

    I think it puts it really well,
    Love, light and new neural networks to you,

  8. Ha, Fraser, you are funny, new neural networks, I hope so, since I heard many of them die every day and need to be replaced! (I suppose bombing brains with different frequencies at the same time overrides rational barriers, accesses the unconscious and creates new synapses!)I used some parts of the movie on my blog (John Hagelin etc.)... Movies always take advantage of the artistic freedom to explain the world how they want to explain it... but playing around with some scientific concepts sets the mind free and can not be wrong, at least it adds some more otpions to the pure rational way of scientific thinking. Cx

  9. I feel really mean to destroy the beautiful illusion of snowflakes... but to find the truth one has to hear both sides of the story: http://www.is-masaru-emoto-for-real.com/
    Nevertheless, the snowflake story seems to contain a huge potential, maybe somebody else may use it to prove that mind is able to influence matter?

  10. What does the symbol in the middle of the star heart chakra mean? Please respond to: