Is TV Giving You Alzheimer’s?

Author Dr Aric Sigman, who reviewed 35 academic studies, said the findings implicated television in ‘the greatest unacknowledged health scandal of our time’.

Days after a report revealed British children to be the unhappiest and unhealthiest in the developed world, Dr Sigman suggested it was no coincidence that Britons also watch the most TV in Europe.

‘Watching television, irrespective of the content, is increasingly associated with unfavourable biological and cognitive changes,’ he warned.

Here’s his list of top 15 harmful effects of television on children [and adults?]:

• Obesity. A result of little exercise.
• Disrupted hormones. Light from televisions suppresses production of the key hormone melatonin.
• Lowered immune system. Reduced melatonin may increase the chance of mutations in cell DNA, which causes cancer.
• Premature puberty. Also linked to low levels of melatonin.
• Sleep disorders. Over-stimulating the senses causes sleeplessness.
• Autism. Linked to a lack of social interaction.
• Increased body fat. Altered levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin produce fat and boost appetite.
• Poor concentration. Development of brain cells governing attention span is impaired.
• Difficulty reading. A result of poor intellectual stimulation while young.
• Type 2 diabetes - From eating high-calorie food while watching TV.
• Changes to skin immune cells. Waves emitted by sets are linked to changes in skin ‘mast’ cells.
• Increased cholesterol. A result of an inactive childhood.
• Slower metabolism. Watching TV may slow the metabolism more than simply doing nothing
• Shortsightedness. Staring at a screen can lead to eye damage.
• Alzheimer’s Disease. Heavy viewing linked to increased risk.

[What about Mental dumbness? Programming? Hypnosis? Propaganda?]

Turn OFF the TV and get a LIFE!

or become a POTATO

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