Jessica Mystic, star or indigo child with wisdom and love

I am a spiritual counselor and mentor. I have come to this planet, at this time, to help you in any way I can. We agreed to come here to experience duality but that is not our true reality, it was just conditioned into our mentality. We are here to create heaven on earth. Everyone is my student and teacher.

Metaphysics, quantum physics, time travel, mutiple dimension existance, extra terrestrials, teleportation, flying, enlightenment, magic, wonder, the great mysteries, why we are here and what we came here to do. This is my focus and my intent is in sharing how these things are indeed our birthright, who we are meant to be and why it is coming back.
That is why I call myself a modern day fairy god mother.

I travel all over the world, looking for my fellow star family. When I find them, I let them know that they are not alone with how they think and see the world. I then help them to remember what and why they incarnated on the planet at this time. Then I hook them up, connect them with like-minds who have a similar mission as they do.

Some gems from Jessica...

With all realities being so and us with this blind veil, that means everything we have thought to not be real, actually is, and with the removal of the veil, we will see it first hand. People will see nature spirits, angels, extraterrestrials and then some. I am already meeting with people who can see them. The ones who I find can see them, are young kids about 5 and under, mystics, monks, people who have had an NDE, OBE and people who have done things with hallucinogenic properties. Now if people tell you that stuff is not real, just tell them that we only use 30% of our eyes and there is a heck of a lot that we are not seeing. Not just that, we cannot see what is there, if all our lives we have been dishonest with ourselves. That saying in the bible," Thou shalt not lie", meaning do not lie, to yourself, because lies will be all you see. So you will ask yourself, are you lying to your eyes or are your eyes lying to you. Perhaps showing you only what you want to see. In just the same way so many tell others what they want to hear. Then how can we be surprised when they, people turn out to be not what we thought? So honesty with self is key to understanding all this, that means people will have to eventually will empty their cup of being, to find out who they are. It is a form of surrender and humility, most necessary for the process.

on sowing what you reap
Every where I went I was always vocal about what I knew and would share even though I would be ridiculed. Why? I am a gardener and I plant seeds. I know the process, I know they will fight it at first, heck I did. That is fine. If we do not lose our memory of who we are how does one help or even understand the sleepy folk right? I know, so many of you are sad you forgot who you were and have to live like this, believe me, I know how you all feel.

on work...
I was thinking about all the kids who bullied me, back then I took myself too seriously. I see when a kid lets go of this then they cease to be bugged. The normal jobs I had, there were countless times when mentally disabled people were hired over me, or they would be promoted and me fired. Now this trashed my self esteem, like you would not believe. My guides told me later," Ya, that was us we made that happen, we did that so you could not work at Mcdonalds or as a server. If you were good at those kinds of jobs you most likely would still be there and dreaming small. We had you think out of the box when it came to work."
Thanks to my guides, I have had some cool jobs and as for me being seen as an idiot in normal jobs like the animation studio.. Yikes! Well, all the peoples' souls who worked there were always going," What the heck is she doing here?! She is not to be here she has serious work to do!"
"I know, we will work as an unconscious collective to make it so unbearable for her that she will leave and thus be on her path and stop trying to have a normal life cause it will never happen."

on explaining her raison d etre
I have to accept that I may not be understood till years into the future. It seems to be the theme of my life. Talking to people and being made fun of, then later on, "Jess, I understand can you tell me more?"
I am told I am ahead of my time. This is a funny saying when you think of it. Ahead of my time, what does that mean? Are you saying I am from the future? What time am I from in the future? Is this not the same stuff that was said about Tesla?

on her poem "Artist of Life/Love". ...
In it I share how all power is just plain secrets, when secrets are gone then power is gone and vice versa. Well if it is all a mirror, what we do inside us, if we keep secrets from ourselves and others in our life then are we not empowering the illuminati to do the same? As above so it is below and as it is within so it is out side of us. I need you guys to do your inner work soul archaeology, know and love thy self. Then we will learn, like in the movie, "The Labyrinth" that they (Goblin king wearing pants so tight you can tell what religion he is and the illumaniti) have no power over us, we only think they do and then that thinking makes it so.

on unconditional love.
I want all of you to be unconditionally loving with the people in your world. I want you to be understanding and allow them to be and share all who they are with out fear, allow them to cry or be angry or say what ever. It is a much needed emotional vomit that will bring clarity. Do not push your truth on them, help them to see how their truth and your truth is the same thing in different packages and cast of characters. Show them how their and your truth compliment and completes the bigger picture. I want all of you to hold this in your eyes and hearts and pour it forth silently to all the people you walk by on the streets. I do this all the time.

Become fluent in the language of the eyes and heart. Hold your light, your being and be honest with yourself. That thou shall not lie was about not lying to yourself because if we do then lies is all we will get back. Be gentle with yourselves and unconditionally loving with yourselves. Trust yourselves, you have everything within. It is time to own it. Find you own truth, allow yourself to be artists of life/love and do not forget to play. Take in what you knew as a child. Your light will acupuncture the heart of the Earth and send a special message to the stars.

With what ever I do next, it is never clear to me till the moment. It seems that is how my guides love to work, last minute surprise. I am sure though it will be something not done before 'cause I am not for the cliché. Like Einstein said, "The problems of today cannot be solved with the same thinking (and doings) of yesterday."
Creativity must rule here as it has been used for our survival purposes for too long. I am sure that is not what we have been given it for.

Some people might be disappointed with my project affiliation page thinking those ideas are too small to make a real change. Ah my dears, you need to understand, a suicide is made up of one thousand tiny sorrows and so many want to do big things and yes we will but it is important to also do the small things, like one thousand uplifting loving acts. I share what we can do now to help ourselves and others, that will help with the shift greatly. It may seem small but damn, is it powerful and it has helped me more than I can say. Do what we can in everyday, that is the way. We are love containers, it is up to us how much we wish to dispense in every moment of our life. The love we withhold, is the pain that we carry.

How I see my family of 5 siblings is like a fragmented soul that said, "Ok, we will need experience in the academic world, one can do that, the next one (my sister) will dance and party and check out rather early in life to work on the other side, we will have one go the mystical route, another one will go the gruff, street life, gangsta rapper route and the last one will be a giraffe and the sum total of the four. Together we make a hand of five that picks up what ever we need to. So, it is perfect of the souls to do it this way, I mean they always do this. A rain drop that falls from the sky splatters into smaller drops, only later to find each other and become an ocean.

We are all here together! Understand that we need you here and that how you feel inside is a direct reflection of the world.

A poem of Jessica s, discover her full collection of moving poems and join her For OM

Reflection of Self Ressurection

What are you going to do with yourself Jessica?

When you are so dyslexic?

When you are so backwards?

When you are so upside down and all around?

When your feet are hardly ever on the ground?

Yet some how others you manage to astound?

And some others you confound?

You have always hated these things about you

At one time you saw it as a curse

But we have trained you to see every silver lining

In the grey cloud

Change your perspective on your so seeming faults

They are gifts in disguise

There are no mistakes

That is your mystery to uncover

I wish to understand that which has binded humanity

I have this theory that if we can understand fully

Then we could be free from it

Since what we are afraid of is always the unknown

If we are afraid and keep running from it then

We never face it once for all

Then that means we are never free from it

My advantage to being backwards is this

Evil is spelled live backwards

Devil is spelled lived backwards

How many do you know who is like the living dead?

Do you ever feel half alive but mostly dead?

What is it that the zombies want?


They want your brains, your mind to think and be like them

Join us, join us they say

Oh it is swell

To feast on the living

To live off of others pain and suffering

Do you notice that the bad guys always

Seem to be sick or dead looking?

Well sometimes they can appear as

Attractive on the outside but their innards are sick

What are they sick from I wonder?

Could it be a lack of love deficiency?

Has it not been said with out love one can not live?

With out feeling the love their can be no peace?

So I would ask myself over and over

Why is their war in this world?

If it is all a mirror could it be that

There is a war going on inside me and we?

So the best way to make peace in the world

Is to go inside and make peace with in

Then would it be mirror reflected outside of us as well?

Oh how glorious it would be to see

Peace love and beauty all around me

Even on every channel of the tv

I will work towards this to see that it comes to be

Who else is with me?


I was so frustrated with myself being so dyslexic
And my guides were like it is a gift you know the answer find it. I then was coaxed into this journey of this poem. In order for me to come across a few realizations
Perhaps I am not backwards but the world is because when ever a child mentions the state of the world to an adult. They reply with yea well that’s just the way it is.
How backwards is that? It does not have to be this way. We can do something about it.
We can be the answer! We can be the change!

Unconditional love to all of you,


Check out Jessica's web site for more inspiration from this beautiful warrior,

Respect, love and thanks for your work.
You are a carpenter of love building the trust so that others may flourish in your radiant light. Namaste.

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  1. i just stumbled on this
    thank you very much!
    i am touched
    warm embrace laced in grace
    we are the answer to our prayers

  2. I am learning to know the truth when I see, hear,....and remember it...thank you Jessica.

    "Credo Quia Impossible Est"
    "I Believe Because It Is Impossible"


  3. Another soul found it's place on this earth.

    Hi Jessica,
    I just watched your video I was so shocked to finally see someone else who see's what I see. Watching your video was like watching myself. Hearing my self speak. You talked about magic. My father was a magician so I learned much about the life of magic. Not just magicians magic but the world of magic.

    You also said you had dyslexia and I also have dyslexia. I was told I was stupid when I was young but found out later in life I was not stupid at all, I just see things from a different point of view. In actuality it has helped me more in life than anyone could possibly know.

    You also talk about the different religions. I've always said religions were stepping stones. Like you, I've searched though many different religions and found a little out of all of them but in actuality none of them were for me. I stuck mostly with nature I feel closest to God in the mountains and at the beaches and in my soul.

    I was taught for an entire summer by spiritual beings. I was shown so much about things you spoke about. Where we all come from and where we're all going and yes your right about being here at this time. All the spirits are trying to get here at this particular time. I've seen things in the future and I've seen where we've been.

    We all have missions we all chose what we needed to learn. Which is part of are mission and to help each other. Learning and helping. And LOVE is the most powerful gift any one can give. I've seen the heavens and the different levels.

    And yes something great is coming!

    I'm so glad to see I'm not the only person seeing all this. The things I know I just knew from the very beginning I never really had to be taught. It came from my soul. My soul was my guiding light.